12 Strong Stoners arrived in the gloom to learn the intracacies of squating form and bodybuilders – must be a Pox led special which went something like this:

Warm-up walk: Frakenstien walk, inchworms, lunges (elbow to ankle & twist), slow mosey down stairs to front of school.

Note all exercises in cadenance (IC) for entire workout


  • SSHx10
  • Windmillsx10
  • SSHx15 with back clap
  • CDDx10
  • Arm circles
  • Towel twist
  • Plank clock: 12-merkinx5, 3-peterparkerx5, 6-star merkinsx5, 9 parker-peterx5, 12-wide merkinsx5

Mosey to wall by bus parking lot

Wall Work:

  • Wall sitx1min (with kicksx 15)
  • Balls to wall, hold 5 seconds, do 10 shoulder touches IC, hold 5 seconds, recover

Mosey to bleachers at track

Bleacher work:

  • incline merkinsx10
  • jump ups x10
  • dips x 10
  • jump ups x10
  • decline merkins x 10
  • jump ups x 10

Mosey to track

Four corners on track (twice)

  • Squats (proper form)x10
  • backward run
  • calf raises x20, muscle-ups on fencex10, calf raises x10, muscle-upsx10
  • kareoke (swich half way)
  • Wide squats x 10
  • backward run
  • ? x 10
  • Sprint
  • 8 Count body builders x 15!
  • backward run
  • LBCx50 (thats right!)
  • defensive slide (switch half way)
  • 8 Count body builder x 10
  • backward run
  • Mason twistx25
  • Sprint to finish

Mosey back to bus lot wall

Wall Work

  • Wall sitx1min (with kicksx 15)
  • Balls to wall, hold 5 seconds, do 10 shoulder touches IC, hold 5 seconds, recover
  • Wall sitx 1min (with shoulder air pressx20)

Mosey back, bunny hop up stairs, circle-up for very short Mary: Hollow body rocks x 10



  • Great morning to lead the Pax and exciting to see our FNGs, welcome Rich and Melvin, come back on Thursday
  • Despite my best effort with a 15 rep bodybuilder I could not encite a FEBA or BS call, back to the drawing board for next time (perhaps I’ll have to do some PVC pain or 24 hour plank clocks)
  • Its sure nice of Harris road to keep the gates open at the track, at Highlands we were always jumping fences and twisting ankles
  • Eggplant and Mattress King, I’m calling you out – you are ready to Q, step-up and lead, sign-up and bring the pain!

5 thoughts on “Bodybuilders

  1. Pox Post author

    Note to Pax, for extra credit show up thursday mornings at the Wellington Chase clubhouse at 510am sharp, Eggplant (and occasionally Pox, Kato, and Peanut Butter) do the 1.6mile mosey to Harris Road. See you in the gloom.

  2. Kato

    Nice workout Pox….I’ve learned more about proper form at your workouts than anywhere else. When are you going to bring out the PVC?

    I wasn’t going to give you the satisfaction of a BS call on the bodybuilders….but I will now. 15-rep 8-count bodybuilders are ridiculous.

    Rich and Melvin: Welcome to F3! You guys held your own this morning. Hope to see you both back on Thursday.

    Water Boy is going to Q in November. Adding Whatley to the list with Eggplant and Mattress King. Most will never feel ready to do it. Just sign up and we’ll help you through it.

    1. Pox Post author

      That’s right, we’re here to help. Kato, Pox, Law Dawg and others can help you plan and even co-Q if don’t feel completely ready. We all had to take our first Q, take a look at other backblasts for ideas – playing cards, basketballs, you name it have made it into workouts. Take a chance and sign-up!

      1. WaterBoy

        Hey guys. I am signing up and will take the offer about co Qing in nov. Still need to get the cardio up but it will be a good challenge. Pox thanks for the workout this morning and it was great to see the FNG’s. Rich and Melvin welcome to F3!

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