13 – What Does It Mean??

28 of Tradition’s finest joined at the AO for a Gangsta led beatdown

The Thang

Mosey around church – high knees and buttkickers

Warm Up:

SSH 13x

IST 13x

Burpees 13x

Mericans – 13x

Mountain Climbers 13x (by now, Pax is probably wondering why 13…)


Mosey to the outback

Group up in 3s (my apologies for confusion, YHC didn’t factor in the large group, but thanks for pushing anyways!)

One grabs a cinderblock

13x Cinderblock Squats

13x Cinderblock Burpees

13x Cinderblock Curls

Partners 2 and 3

13x Pull ups

13x Dips

13x lunges



Mosey to haunted daycare

Sprint to top of hill to the left

13x Mericans

Sprint to bottom of the hill and back up to the right

13x Air Squats

Repeato 3x


Mosey to wall

People’s Chair 1 min 13 seconds (okay – 13 again)

Balls to the Wall 1 min 13 seconds


Mosey back to the lot for Mary

1:13 second elbow plank

LBC 26x (still multiple of 13..getting stranger)

W 13x

Low Dolly 13x

Homer to Marge

Pretzel Crunch 13x each side



1) Thank you for sticking with me this morning.  I promise to plan for the bigger groups for my next Bootcamp lead – appreciate the hard work

2) Happy Birthday @Sensei! Glad to see you join @Maximus in the 60’s and still pushing all of us!

3) Finally, I explained 13…is the number of weeks that my M is along in her pregnancy.  Gangsta 2.0 coming in April 2015!  I’m sure that this little one will be joining me for F3 Dads in a few years.


7 thoughts on “13 – What Does It Mean??

  1. Maximus_MECA

    Gangsta – great workout – really kept us moving with a variety of exercises. Great news about the meaning of 13 and the future Gangsta 2.0. Congrats! Yes – I like that Sensei had his birthday.

  2. Dutch

    official F3 congtats Gangsta – good to see you out there for the bootcamp Q… hardest part seemed how to keep the chatty Cathy’s from having their little coffee clutches around the cinder block…. you know who you are– funky. : ). Maybe you should run 2 miles before the workout to quiet you down

  3. FunkyBunch

    GP great Q and congrats. Always exciting to see young families grow. Can’t wait to see you at F3 Dads. That is a very rewarding activity to participate in with your 2.0’s

    Sensei Happy Birthday! It is an inspiration to see how hard the #respect crowd pushes on a daily basis.

    Hey Dutch you are more than welcome to join in on the prework out run. It might get you kick started to join in on the #mumblechatter.;)

    I think Kemosabe was looking for a tennis match at the Country Club this morning.

  4. Man Down

    Stellar first Bootcamp Q GP! And congrats on Baby Gangsta!!

    Great to be back at Tradition this week. I missed you guys last week!

  5. Skipper

    @Gangsta – Thanks for the Q and congrats on expectant V2.0. I was going to say that you should teach the little guy to speak in your native Aussie dialect, but then I realized it might get awkward with @Dingo always trying to sound Australian too. #DamnTasmanian

    @Sensei turns 60? That’s weird that you guys still age. #39forever

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