B.O.M.B- – hey this isn’t Friday the 13th

10  of traditions finest show up this morn with 9 kettle bells and one big ole cinder block for a 13-5 count down / beat down

The Thang:

Warm o rama – mosey around church w/ high knees, butt kickers, karaoke.

SSH x13, ISTx13, windmill x 13, arm circles and “sooo bigs”


KB swing and Goblin squat – 13, 12,11…5

recover – walk to back lot for 13 plank jacks

KB clean/press ( overhead press for T-threat), KB Row – 13,12,11…5

Recover – walk to back lot for 13 wide merkins – Larry Craigs.

Due to time…on our 6

Lat pulls, Chest press – 10,9,8…5

Mary – LBC,Little baby flutter, Homer to Marge Medley.


T Clap to Triple threat for man handling that cinder this morning!

welcome to day 2 for Wompa and his 35# KB, and Guiness with his shiny new 30#!

Enjoyed the Q with you all!


5 thoughts on “B.O.M.B- – hey this isn’t Friday the 13th

  1. Dingo

    Looks like a good one Dutch! Sorry I couldn’t make it, body was screaming for rest.

    Guys – Don’t forget about the F3 shoe drive for the Charlotte Rescue Mission. If you have shoes you don’t use anymore that are still in good shape, bring them to a workout and Iron Wolf will take them for you and get them to the men of the CRM.

  2. Maximus_MECA

    Great workout Dutch.. 13 down to 5 had the heart beat up. Now my thighs are sore afterwards from all the squats but that’s a good thing!

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