3 Man Grinders

10 men posted in the gloom at Rolling Stone for a little WIB…


Mosey to Football Field

SSH x15
IST x15
Cotton Picker x15
WindMill x15
Merkin x15

Three Man Grinder

– 3 man teams
– Man A – exercise called by Q
– Man B – other side of the field, exercise called by Q
– Man C – run from Man A to Man B and switch

We complete 5 minutes of each exercise:
Carolina DryDocks/Mountain Climbers
Sumo Squats/Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Split Rail Fence for..
Bottom Rail Derkins x10
Top Tail Derkins x10

Mosey to Stairs for reverse SpiderMan

Low Flutter x20
Low Dolly x15
Plank Jack x15

1. I finally made it over to the new AO. It usually does not take me that long so thanks for the push to come over and Q. As I said before in COT, this workout is all about how hard you want to push yourself. You can half-ass it or grind it out.
2. Looks like you guys have a good core to start from already. I can’t wait to see what becomes of this AO.
3. Hold each other accountable and continue to EH others in the neighborhood.
4. Prayers for our brothers on IR from the MudRun and for our brother LawDog traveling north in honor of his mother.
5. Welcome to our FNG Tyler, a guy who has never posted to F3 EH’ed. Not sure I have heard that one.

**Friday workout at Highland Creek Elementary at 0530 and Saturday Beatdown/Chow Down at StoneBridge Church at 0700.

2 thoughts on “3 Man Grinders

  1. Kato

    Great to have you out @Col Mustard and hope to see you back soon. I love a WIB workout as it let’s everyone push as hard as they can. You can also turn it into a “mini-race” if you want to.

    @Blindside: dude…you’re fast.

    Welcome to FNG Tyler. You held your own nicely for a first workout. Mad props to you for posting even though the guy who recommended F3 didn’t.

    @Eggplant: Great running over this morning and I enjoyed the 2nd F on the way back. What a year for you and your family…#GodIsGood

    Looking forward to seeing everyone back on Tuesday at Harris Rd….that is, unless WaterBoy doesn’t show and then we’re going to his front yard to workout 🙂

    If anyone else is interested, we’re loading the car again on Monday for Eldorado. Meet at the Wellington Chase clubhouse at 4:50. We’ll have you back by about 6:40. In between is 1 hour of parking deck fun. Wanna get stronger/faster/fitter? This is the way to do it.

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