LUNAR shows up for the Iron Fist

Enjoyed an unexpected but welcome visit from LUNAR this morning with a picture perfect backdrop of the heavens! Beautiful and awe inspiring to see the creator’s handiwork on display, during the workout!

Warm-o-rama: Mosey around pkg lot w high knees, buttkickers, karaoke – to outback for some COP

SSH, IST, Windmills, MC x 12, arm circles, reach for stars

The Thang:

13-3 – Cinderblock beat down. Consistent movement from 13-3 with varied cadence counts – working on shoulders and legs

Overhead Press to Goblin Squat to Carolina DD to Lunges  start at 13 reps down to 3.

Mosey to tree line for  a better view of LUNAR

10-1 core strength: consistent movement from 10-1 standard cadence-

SSH to WWII sit up to merkin – start at 10 reps down to 1.

Mosey back to pkg lot for plank jack x12

Meet up w/ Dingo’s pax for COT




3 thoughts on “LUNAR shows up for the Iron Fist

  1. The Farm

    Solid workout Dutch! Nothing more manly than lifting cinder blocks to failure. Also, I learned that you gotta watch Dutch or he will sneak in a little extra credit reps!

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