Meet me at the BB Court with no Basketball

12 of Highlands Faithful joined in the gloom, some where recovering from the MudRun while others were just Fart Sacking.


Run to BB Court

SSH x15
Imperial Storm Trooper x15
Windmill x15
Squats x15
Merkins x15

Mosey on over to the 1st BB Court Hoop (there are four BB courts side-by-side)
Partner up and complete the following exercises to each hoop

Set 1: Wheelbarrow with Partner Derkins at each Hoop
Set 2: Partner Carry with 20 Squats at each Hoop (Repeato)
Set 3: Two Man Frog Jump with 10 Burpees
Set 3: Alternate Bearcrawl and Crabwalk at each hoop with 20 Partner LBC
Set 4: P1 starts at home and completes Squats while P2 is running suicides (switch and then Repeato)
Set 5: Lunges with 20 Reverse Crunchs

Run to Parking Lot

Jack Webbs x10

Low Flutter
Low Dolly
Mason Twist
Plank Jack

1. Thanks for joining me this morning men. I thought a full body workout would work well two days after the MudRun. You either like it or hate it.
2. Not a whole lot of chatter this morning, either our mouths of the South were not present or you men were sucking wind.
3. Thanks to those that inked their name for a Q spot this morning but we still have several spots open on SUG, click the link and sign up today…

4 thoughts on “Meet me at the BB Court with no Basketball

  1. Colonel Mustard Post author

    Who needs a gym when you have 11 other men that will follow your lead in the gloom!

  2. The Nanny

    @Mustard Solid beatdown today brother. During wheelbarrows I definitely wondered if just MAYBE it was too far to go…but pushed through and am better for it. I actually felt very fatigued in the core this morning – lots of planking and exercises that engaged our core.

    @Klump Great meeting you today. Glad you have decided to join us.

    1. Colonel Mustard Post author

      Thanks for posting brother. I was wondering if I going to have some Mud Runners with me and indeed you guys showed. Yeah I had a little TBQ on some of those planks for sure.

  3. Winnebago

    @Colonel I would say you and Phantom are the masters of making seemingly easy be anything but. Glad to be back for a bootcamp, I felt a few spots from the mudrun groaning but the USMC showed me some areas that need extra attention.

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