Post Mud Run Mettle Beat Down

7 Pax joined for a post MR Mettle whoopin!

Warm up:

SSH X 15

Merkins X10

Cotton Pickers X 10

Arm Circles

The Thang :

3 Rounds of the following with a little extra cardio in between

Curls X 20

Tricep Extension X 20

Chest Press X 30

Pullovers X 15

Sumo Squat X 15

Clean and Press X 10 ech arm

Bent over Row X 10

Kettlebell Merkins X 10

One Legged Squats X 10

Upright Rows X 15

Good Mornings X 15

Squat Press X 10

The Extra:  Burpee Box jumps x 10, 2 laps up stairs and around, 4 sets of 5 Burpees



Low Flutter

Reverse Crunch

Plank Jack

Great workout this morning men!

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  1. Benjamin Mason

    Here’s a last ditch effort to recruit one brave soul that would like to take a stroll through some of the most beautiful country I know on the Bourbon Chase. I’ll be heading to Lexington, KY on Thursday evening. We need one more on our team. That one could be you!

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