Partner Pain Plagiarism

A baker’s dozen pax (13) met on a cool Monday morning to start their week off right. It’s #El Dorado and it’s time to start training for…(insert any event here, but “life” is always acceptable).

The Thang:

Run to parking deck (approx 1 mile)

Partner up

Partner 1 does the posted exercise up the incline on each parking deck ramp. (lunge walk, bear crawl, crawl bear, crab walk, burpee broad jump)

Partner 2 runs to the top up the ramps and then back down to meet Partner 1 and flapjack back up to top.

After reaching the top, keep going with prescribed exercises and running all the way back down.

After reaching the bottom, adjust teams to 3 pax per, and partner carry (at least 1) all the way to the top. Switch as needed.

Backwards run down to the bottom.

Run to parking lot (approx 1 mile)

The Naked Man Moleskin:

1. YHC greatly enjoyed today’s workout! ┬áMostly because we busted ass and were able to enjoy some good 2nd F along the way. Loved hearing all the Mudrun stories.

2. Cobains to @Chowder who did a very similar workout with me and 51 NoCo pax last week at #Mad Scientist. Thanks to @Jolly Roger for the content. #F3plagiarism

3. Great to see some new (@Egg Plant, @Dance Mom) and not-so-regular (@Striker, @Charmin) pax at #El Dorado. Keep coming back, you’ll quickly see results.



9 thoughts on “Partner Pain Plagiarism

  1. Kato

    @Skipper- Thanks for the great workout. I absolutely love this and wish every workout was similar; if not in format then the pace, intensity, competition, and camaraderie that put together equals me doing something that there’s no way I would’ve done on my own. I love a workout where 3/4 of the way through I don’t know if I’m going to finish. I like the way you mixed it up in three sections. Each one sucked physically, but was not long enough to suck mentally.

    My leg’s paying for it but it was worth it.

    @Egg Plant: Great 1st post at El Dorado! Way to hold your own this morning.

    @Ding: Enjoyed the 2nd F on the way out and congrats on the killer Leatherneck time.

    @Nanny: Thanks for doing your share and much of mine on the exercises. You covered a lot of ground when it was my turn to run.

  2. The Nanny

    @Skipper Good stuff today. Just what I needed to get me moving after that little jog in the mud. The bear crawls sucked….both directions.

    @Kato I must have timed it right b/c I only remember doing crab walk for like…5 seconds the entire morning! It’s been awesome seeing you back in the gloom.

    @Charmin @Bling T-claps to Bling for showing us the partner chariot method of partner carry. Thanks also for letting me off the hook from carrying you guys….you did more than your fair share.

  3. LawDawg

    @Skipper, enjoyed it today. Needed after this weekend. I always enjoy it when we do some unexpected things.

    @Kato & @Eggplant, enjoyed the 2ndF on the way to and from today.

    @Striker, thanks for doing most of the hard work.

    1. Kato

      Yeah man…thanks for driving! F3 will make three guys (who didn’t want to go) get in a car to travel to a workout. Each guy went only because the other two (who didn’t want to go) said that they were going. Once it’s all over, everyone’s glad they went. Peer pressure can be good.

  4. Charmin

    I just want to say that I have parts of my legs that are sore that I did not even know existed. Bear Crawls? Backwards? Up hills? Even a bear would say that is just wrong.

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