The Usual Thursday Morning

13 Highlands Men gathered in the gloom to experience the usual…

Mosey to the Parking Lot

Plank Jack
Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Playgroup and Split into three groups for 4 Stations

Anchored Situps x40
Lunges x20 each leg
Pull Ups 4 Sets of 5
Incline and Decline Merkins x15 each

Mosey to Back of Middle School


Lateral Hops (Both Feet)
Front and Back Hops (Both Feet)
Split Hops
Lateral Hops (Left Foot then Right Foot)
Front and Back Hops (Left Foot then Right Foot)

Mosey to Little Baby Wet Hill
7 to 1 Burpees to Squats

Mosey back to Cars
Reverse Spider-man up both flights of stairs

Low Flutter
Low Flutter
Reverse Crunch
Mason Twist

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