All About The Core

9 Strong posted in the gloom for a core workout. It went a little like this:

All about the Core
I used to measure fitness in terms of speed, strength, and endurance….until I got hurt 6 months ago. Since then, I’ve learned that flexibility, balance, core strength, and agility are every bit as important….and more if you want to avoid injury.

Most every exercise today was designed to engage multiple muscle groups; especially the core. Unstable or balance positions were used with conventional exercises to engage the core in what would have normally been isolation movements.

When the lawyer at the workout cuts you off in the middle of the disclaimer, it’s time to begin……

-Imperial Storm Troopers
-Arm Circles
-Dynamic Stretching

Mosey to the Rock Pile
-Grab a rock about 15-25lb (or much, much, bigger if you’re Whatley)

All exercises were typically done in 4 count 20 reps (10 on each leg if a balance position):
-One Legged Rock Curls
-Eyes Closed Single Legged Balance
-Rock Thrusters
-The Heisman
-Pushup Side Arm Balance
-Fifer Scissor Twist
-Triple Hop One Legged Rock Press
-One Legged Rock Arch Press
-Spiderman Pushups
-One Legged Jump Squats
-One Legged Triceps Extensions
-Downward Dog Crunches
-Fast Feet to Plank (LawDawg Lead)
-Elevator Pushups
-Mason Twist with Rock Press
-One Legged Jump Squats
-Thumbs Up Pushups (single arm and single leg at top of pushup)

Sally Up
Since we had time left….we had a little fun with a Sally Up/Sally Down challenge. To the 3.5 minute Moby song “Flower” the PAX did the following:

1. Squats: Up on “Sally Up”, Squat and hold on “Sally Down”
2. Pushups: Plank on “Sally Up”, Low plank on “Sally Down”

The challenge was a “last man standing” done to failure. For those that made it all the way through, it was 7 minutes of no-rest reps.

The Naked Moleskin
1. Holy Crap Mattress King! T-claps for making it all of the way through the pushup Sally Up. You and Col Mustard will get along great. He’ll be at our AO on the 9th to lead a workout.
2. It’s awesome to have a solid group of committed guys this soon after the workout’s inception. Almost every newcomer to F3 has continued to post since their first workout.
3. Some days you have it and some you don’t. I ran out of gas mid-way through the workout and bonked. I found it hard to keep cadence while on the verge of spilling merlot.
4. It’s been over 6 months since my last workout Q and I was extremely rusty. Thanks to LawDawg for the Q coaching throughout the workout and for teaching me the difference between “repeat” and “flap jack”.

1. Speed workout at Highland Creek Elementary School Friday morning at 5:30.
2. Bootcamp at Mallard Creek Park Saturday morning @ 7:00.
3. ElDorado at UNC Charlotte Monday morning @ 5:15. For those that are interested, we’re going to carpool down for this one and have 4 HCs so far. Meet at the Wellington Chase Clubhouse at 4:50. Comment below to let us know if you’re coming so we’ll know who to wait for.

2 thoughts on “All About The Core

  1. PeanutButter

    @Kato – nice q today, I really liked the variety and number of new exercises we learned. I was spent, that just means we need to do more core work!

    For future QIC’s of Rolling Stone, watch out for the Q police (@LawDwag), he doesn’t let anything slide. Also, it seems that the disclaimer gets longer at each post, that is until the Q police interrupts!

    @MattressKing – Wow, nice work on the Sally thing, even throwing in the leg lifts 3 minutes into the pushups.

    @PAX – Nice work today! Seeing everyone else make it out consistently is making me not want to miss a post, I need that!

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