ThunderRoad–Less than 6 weeks for the final CSAUP of 2014

What is It?

The Premier Running Race in Charlotte. You can choose to take on a 5K, the gritty half marathon (13.1 miles) or jump in with both feet and complete the full marathon (26.2 miles). Whether it’s your first and you just want to finish or you have a specific goal in mind, you will have plenty of company. Last year, almost 100 PAX participated and hundreds more were out in force on the course providing much needed support. Can we surpass that number this year?

When is it?

Saturday, November 15th at 0745 start time for the Half and Full. The 5K starts at 0815 Still plenty of time to sharpen your skills and set a PR.

Where is it?

New Start and Finish Locations this year. Race starts near BB&T stadium and finishes next to Romare Bearden Park. First half runs through Uptown, Elizabeth, Myers Park, Dilworth, and Southend. The second half runs through Uptown, Villa Heights, NODA, Plaza Midwood, Commonwealth, Elizabeth, along the greenway, and back Uptown to 3rd ward.

All New Course Maps


Half Marathon

Who can/should do this?

You- F3 PAX Face it, some of you are in the best shape of your adult lives. You may have just completed the Blue Ridge Relay, some are getting ready for the Mud Run this weekend. Others just post 5-6, or 7 days per week. Either way, we have almost 6 weeks to prepare. If the full isn’t for you, come join the fun and tackle the half.
It’s there It is arguably our city’s premier athletic event. You don’t get better if you don’t set some goals. So put this on your list. Let this community see the first F in action. Great opportunity to EH some sad clowns too!

If you’re IN, keep reading…


This is the second year ThunderRoad has implemented a team format. Simply means there are overall team competition metrics floating out there for the taking. Last year, F3 won the “Fastest Marathon Category” Certainly didn’t hurt having Material Girl lead the charge. Let’s dominate this event.

When you register, please use the following format and let YHC know who the team captain is.

F3 Nation-F3 Metro Freeloader @f3freeloader
F3 Nation-F3 Area 51 Bratwurst @pwuerslin
F3 Nation-F3 NoCo MiniMe @minime_f3
F3 Nation-F3 MECA
F3 Nation-F3 ETC…

NOTE****PAX from other regions that are going to run, you need 5+ and a Q if you’d like to make your own team and I can get it setup for you. If not, sign up under one of the three teams above and let’s do this. M’s and future F3ers are welcome to use the promo code below and sign up under the appropriate teams. Contact me with registration questions.*****

Which race are you gonna do?

This is up to you. #Besmart. If you just started running, then put the 5k on the calendar. You have plenty of time and opportunity to get prepared.

Registration Steps

1. Promo codes: Full Marathon & Half-Marathon use F3 Pax for $10 off registration. For the 5K, use F35 Pax for $5 off. Codes Expire on 10-15.

2. Register for Race here under on one of the F3 Teams: F3Nation – Metro, F3Nation – NoCo, F3Nation – Area51, etc.
3. Let us know your IN/PAID in the comments
4. Fill out the form at the bottom of post. (IN PROCESS–)
5. Show up in your Favorite F3 Shirt and Run. Need one?
6. EH Family and Friends. Run

Training Overview

F3 Metro Training—Several good options

• Ritchie Run (long and slow) Sundays
• Spaghetti Six
• SIB Interval/Track
• RingRun
• 6Rock: Hilly six miles on Monday morning in C-Rock
• 8@8: Friday’s Gold Man Statue
• Sweet Six: Thursday morning, I think they do the route backwards now. Who knows?
• Swift for our F3South

F3 North Trainings – see @minime_f3
F3 South Training – see @pwuerslin (bratwurst)

Last ,but certainly not least. Spectators “I am not running, but I want to participate”

Come out on the course, cheer on your brothers. Last year was the first year I ran with F3 on my chest. Support was amazing. Every word of encouragement helped. If you have a shovel flag, plant it. Know someone with a casa on the course, have a party. Get folks together and cheer.

Use the opportunity to visit other neighborhoods. NODA has a huge street party on 35th. Midwood is always out in force.

Go to the finish area. Plant your flag at the park and watch the black shirted men of F3 finish strong.

Any way you can, the 2nd F is always appreciated!


43 thoughts on “ThunderRoad–Less than 6 weeks for the final CSAUP of 2014

  1. Malkovich

    Thanks Freeloader. I’m in for the full. Can we clear up officially this year if that is the red pill or blue pill? #MatrixConfusion

  2. Laettner

    Questions from a new guy — new to F3 and new to racing…

    1. How will I know where to rally pre-start with the F3 pax?
    2. Is it ethical, within the spirit of the promotion to register my wife using the promo code provided?

    1. Freeloader Post author

      Laettner–glad you are going to participate. Another communication will be forthcoming regarding pre-start rally.

      Use the code for your family.

      Happy Training…hope to see you at a run soon.

  3. Silent Bob

    After running part of the back half of the full course last Sunday, I’m in and paid for the HALF

  4. Santiago

    I signed up long ago. Can you put the F3 NoCo deal in front of my name? Ill proudly wear it and since I don’t procrastinate, don’t hold that against me.

    Last year was when I met the concept of F3 and was talking to many of you as I passed them 🙂 It will be nice to be part of the f3 pax this year.

    Santiago (Mark Hemstreet)

    1. Freeloader Post author

      Hi Santiago–Looks like you are listed on NOCO on both the form and on the race site.

      Happy Training..

      1. Hairball

        Freeloader- do I need to edit my registration info on the race site to designate the F3 team? I signed up a few weeks back.

    1. Santiago

      Who is the Mouth and what is his time Mr. Prohibition? Dont be afraid of who you know but possibly who you don’t….. (little trash talking going on here?)


      1. The Mouth

        He’s use to me carrying him… Literally, like the last obstacle of the Mud Run… I guess I’ll run quietly Prohibition.

  5. Snookie

    How does one edit their registration to join a group. I signed up awhile ago. I am apparently slow and can’t seem to find it. The form appears down but that may be a firewall issue here at work. I’d love to join F3Metro for the half. Thanks Freeloader for running point on this.

    1. Freeloader Post author

      I have the same issue at work. The form is on google drive. You should be able to access it from your personal gear

  6. The Shore

    In and Paid for the Half along with 2.0 – Buzz Kill.
    His first half! Looking forward to it!

  7. Freeloader Post author

    Once the entry log is updated, I will make sure everyone is on the correct team. However. It will not show up on the registration page.

  8. Jorel

    In and paid for half – compared to BRR, those hills will feel like, well, hills.

    NoCo Pax – check out the following for your training:
    Monday: Fireball at BRP
    Wednesday: Half-Life at BRP
    Friday: Odyssey at Greenway trailhead behind new Publix on Gilead
    Sunday: Off the Books at Davidson Green

    Also, several ad-hoc runs and such out there in the Twittersphere. Mini-Me knows what’s up.

  9. Cannoli

    Just HC for the half! Going to push a double stroller and run it with my 15 year old nephew #makefitnessapriority!

  10. Egypt

    In for a homemade version of almost-the-half…attempt to PR at the 5K as the youngest guy in the old-man division, then run 5+ support miles with Malk and others at the end of their Full.

  11. Checkpoint

    OK, finally in for the half. Not paid yet though. Gotta figure out the best deal on a late registration. Hope some more old slow guys will keep me company. Been a while since I raced a half and I guess I only have 2 weeks to get ready.

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