Quiet Exploration

7 Stoners and 1 Nomad (Your Humble Correspondent) met in the chilly gloom (definite gloom this morning) to quietly exercise our bodies, share in some Fellowship, and end with some Faith.  And it went a little something like this:

Disclaimer interrupted by the LawDawg (I guess it’s OK since he’d be my counsel if anyone tried to sue anyway)

Warmup: SSH x 15, Windmill x 15, Imperial Storm Trooper x 15, Mountain Climber x 15

Merkin x 20 (Merkin timer started for 4 minute increments)

Indian Run to Elementary School to explore some new territory where we can be as loud as we want (maybe).

People’s Chair x 45 seconds; Carolina Dry Dock x 20; Repeato, Repeato

Basketball court sprints (forward, backward, karaoke, suicide)

Playground pull-ups x 5; Air squats x 20; Repeato, Repeato, Repeato

Mosey around back of school to picnic tables for Step-ups x 10; Dips x 20, Repeato, Repeato

Indian Run back to Middle School and pass the mic to Kato for 5 minutes of stretching

Mary:  Mason Twist, Pretzel Crunch, Low Flutter, Rosalita, Hills to Heaven, Squirm

Finish with 20 merkins [Total merkin count = 200]


  1. @Waterboy – Thanks for addressing noise complaints with Harris Middle School neighbors after last Thursday’s beatdown. Hopefully we will really get an EH out of it (no show today). #walksoftly
  2. @Kato – Thanks for the stretching today. Definitely something I need to insert regularly into my workouts for the week. #broga
  3. Strong core (pun intended) of men at #Rolling Stone! Proud to Q today and looking forward to watching you men grow this group.



5 thoughts on “Quiet Exploration

  1. Skipper Post author

    Great work men! We probably covered around 1.5 miles this morning. As LawDawg mentioned, to really improve your cardio fitness and running, join us for a #Cruise at Highland Creek Elem on Wednesday mornings. #nomanleftbehind

  2. Kato

    @Skipper: Thanks for coming out to Q! Was honored to have you out and am forever grateful for your leadership and encouragement I began my F3 journey at Sirius. I hope to see you out at Rolling Stone again soon.

    Ever since my first introduction to the Merkin timer at a Gnarly Goat workout (I think), I’ve had a love/hate for it. It’s good medicine but it doesn’t always taste good….especially after the Murph.

    It was great to get out to the Elementary school to check it out. We’ll have to get creative to make pullups a regular part of workouts at this AO.

    @Water Boy: Watching you push as hard as you do is an inspiration. While you may not see/feel the changes from day to day, give it a little time and you’ll be amazed at how fast you change. The workouts don’t ever get easier, but the rest of your day does because of what you do in the gloom. I’ll always remember a month or two after starting F3 was the first time (in a long time) that I walked (and later ran) up the stairs at home without being winded.

  3. WaterBoy

    @Kato thanks for the kind words and encouragement. By the way My 5 year old and I are yelling Superman/Banana Superman/Banana at each other at home and having fun! I plan to get to a cruise soon after I get back from my work trip next week.

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