Let’s Save The Running For Later

16 strong at the Ridge for a early morning workout that was heavy on merkins and light on running

The Thang

Mosey to warm-up…High Knees, Butt Kickers

Warm-up: Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Storm Troopers, Merkins, Windmill, Mountan Climber

Mosey to Picnic Tables: ladder: 10 incline merkins x 1 decline merkin

25 step-ups, then 10 burpees OYO

Mosey to Wall for Peoples Chair (1 min)…lunge walk half way across field, run rest of way, 15 merkins, AYG back to wall

Peoples chair (1 min), bear crawl half way across field, run rest of way, 15 merkins, AYG back

Peoples chair (1 min), lunge walk 1/2 way across field, run rest of way, 15 merkis, AYG back

Mosey to hill for ladder up and down the hill, starting with 10 air squats at top x 1 merkin at bottom

5 burpees OYO, then mosey to Mary

Mary: LBC, low flutter, crunchy frog, WWII situps, squirm,

Naked Moleskin

Strong work all around, men. YHC’s legs are feeling it from yesterday’s Murph so he eased off on the running this AM.

@Rooster…sorry about your pain during the workout, and hope it improves this morning…#Respect for your service and for your sacrifice for our country

Heard a good bit of mumble chatter during people’s chair…that’s a good thing.

Please remember our support of the Harrisburg Food Pantry … there is always a need … canned soup this month



5 thoughts on “Let’s Save The Running For Later

  1. RibShack

    @SSMinnow- enjoyed it all, well, not the Ridge but maybe if I hadn’t been beside Bull & BBQ on it I wouldn’t have been playing Panther style (from behind) the whole ladder! You always show great range from running to boot camp mix ups….good stuff!

    1. BBQ

      @Ribshack – Hey I tried to look out for the PAX before we started on the Ridge…I warned the Q that it was too dark, foggy, and scary for the PAX. Seems he ignored by recommendation.

      @SS Minnow – enjoyed the beatdown today. And I thought you’d have us running the whole time. The mantra holds true, you gotta show to know.

  2. Clueless

    @SSMinnow – thanks for another solid workout!… and the 7 lb shoes @Gamma and @Starsky were discussing during Mary. Always a good time!

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