Fly By – Take Two… someone needs to document this EH process

The Leatherneck awaits… need to put a bow on our prep over the next few days… consider today as adding the ribbon.  Ten men tied it up… and one put their finger on the knot.  No one under 18 and all followed the Q despite YHCs insistence to the contrary (#disclaimer.)  So what happened next?  Glad you asked…

Easy mosey out the main entrance, left on HCP, left on Shelley and duck into the bus lot (or if you’re @Pavarotti, you hop the gate)

COP (not so much P)
– SSH x 2 IC (because we ALWAYS start with SSH)
– IST x 10 IC
– Active Lunge L. and R.

The Thang
– Pull-ups x 5
– AYG x 300 on short track in bus lot
– Burpees x 5
– AYG x 300
Rinse and repeat x 4 (5 sets in total)
Recover until six arrives

Slow mosey to guard rail
– Dips x 5
– AYG down Shelley and across HCP
– Muscle Ups x 5
– AYG back across HCP and up Shelley
Rinse and repeat until time called (about 4 rounds?)
Regroup and easy mosey up HCP to the Concrete Rabbit Trail

Circle up for COT and BOM

– Mud Run Prep at both Early Edition and Last Call on Saturday
– Mud Run Info Session, 7:30p Sunday @ Chowder’s fire pit (8306 Lynnewood Glen Dr.)
– Special Mud Run version of the Murph on Monday (no El Dorado or Mettle); Skipper on the Q
– Mud Run Boot Camp next Tues with Chavez as Q
– Pay for your bus ticket if you haven’t already
– Make sure you’re at The Shield on Wednesday night from 8-10p @ Fortiline (near the Concord Airport) to hear about the Haiti mission trip

The Leatherneck Moleskin
– Could you ask for better conditions than we had in today’s gloom?  Temp, humidity, slight precip at the end… you could break a sweat and maintain comfort but no chill after cooling down
– Finished one puzzle by getting @Google HC’d for @Alcatraz’s Mudley Crue team.  You guys are in for a great time
– Unfortunately, had four new puzzles to put together by lunch time… if anyone wants a spot in the Mud Run… let me know… soon… like yesterday… anybody?
– So we’re in the middle of our second or third trip back up across HCP, when YHC, @Skipper, @Stoli and @Chavez pass the rest of our PAX coming out of Shelley headed for the wall.  Uh… who is that?  Was that Bootstrap?  Don’t think so… Do you know him? What’s going on?  Who knows, but our FNG-on-the-fly-EH stuck it out the rest of the way through COT and BOM, including a swift nicknaming of Wild Turkey… why Wild Turkey? You’ll have to ask Skip. #Qcouldn’tfollowthelogic
– So, how exactly did that all go down?  Someone give us some play-by-play and color commentary in the comments
– @WildTurkey, if you’re reading this… welcome and looking forward to having you back out in the gloom soon
– So, someone needs to document this On-the-Fly EH process so we can spread it like the #COLAmodel for expansion… or is it something in the water up here?  Maybe we look too friendly with the likes of @Stoli, @Chavez, @Tank and @Dropcloth who seem to smile through every beatdown.
– Or maybe we need to go the other direction and look a little more dangerous… a little edge… form a Fight Club after the Mud Run maybe… nah, we’ll stick with the smiles while we’re kicking a®$€.

4 thoughts on “Fly By – Take Two… someone needs to document this EH process

  1. Dropcloth

    Here’s the story of flyby too. We are finishing up the muscle ups and are heading back across the parkway when wild turkey formally known as Ben Mason approaches up the hill. Pavarotti shouts to wild turkey hey join us who immediately does an about-face and heads down Shelly Lane with Pax. As we are heading to COT @skipper myself and others are discussing that he is from Kentucky -Kentucky is known for bourbon – Wild turkey it is! So now you know!

    @chowder. Great lead today enjoyed the mix of sprints with some upper body beat down.

  2. Chowder Post author

    Interesting… So basically the process is: Identify #sadclown –> shout at him as we run, looking like we’re fleeing a crime scene –> hope he joins a pack of strange men as they descend back into the gloom –> name him in COT if he sticks. Sounds good to me. #spreadtheword

    Welcome @WildTurkey! You’re a brave man if not somewhat askew… just our type.

    And if you liked today, more of where that came from tomorrow. See you in the gloom at MCP – aye!

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