We Ran and it was Good

14 men joined in the gloom to get there run on…

In total we covered 3.8 miles which is low for us but there were some added pain stations thrown in to make it feel like a stop and go sorta kinda mud run mock thingy.

– Thanks for joining me this morning fellas. I had this whole Mud Run course plotted in my head prior to getting there and then I had a change of heart.
– Many of you pushed the envelope this morning rather than hanging in the back and being Mr. Chattie Kathie.
– Hey Ham On, show up on time and you can run with us next time
– Not sure where Chowder came from but as we started rolling down hill, here he comes. Something about his sturdy under carriage pushing him forward…
– Ok, back to work. Thats all I got.

1 thought on “We Ran and it was Good

  1. Colonel Mustard Post author

    Thanks brothers! Sign up to Q the Cruise, it’s easy. All you do is run and people will follow.

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