What did Kato just do to my favorite superhero?

14 men chose to fend of the fartsack and post on a surprisingly chilly morning. The weather was 60 degrees with a steady breeze. The parking lot steadily filled from 5:15 on, and the workout went a little something like this:

Mosey to the side lot for a little warmup. (All exercises double count in cadence unless noted)
SSH X 15
Windmill x 10
Merkin x 10
Air squat x 10

Mosey to the split rail fence.
Burpees x 5 oyo (thanks Pharaoh)
Derkin bottom rail x 10 single count
LBC x 10
Derkin top rail x 10 single count
LBC x 10

Hop the fence and mosey to pick up rocks off the side hill.
Overhead press x 10
Curls x 10
Chest press x 10
Skull crushers x 10


Burpees x 5 oyo (thanks Pharaoh)

Mosey to the Chuck Norris memorial alcove for a little pain station on the way to the track. (In case you are wondering, Chuck doesn’t flush the toilet. See Pox for more details).
Dips x 10
Peoples chair 1 minute

Mosey to track for a little follow the leader.
Lunge walk
Burpees x 5 oyo (thanks Pharaoh)
High knees
Stoli skips
Bear crawl
Crab walk

A few trips around the track.
Air squats oyo (while six catches up and a little love for everyone)
LBC oyo (while six catches up and a little love for everyone)

Mosey to lower lot for Mary
The W x 10
Mason twist x 15 (via The Nanny)
Inappropriate things with superman to banana (via Kato)
The Squirm x 10
Iron cross (Blindside wins the virtual trophy)


1. I’m so used to sweating like a stuffed pig, it felt funny being “fall” out there this morning.

2. I had a great time “Q”ing Rolling Stone for the first time this a.m. Thanks for all the guys new to F3 coming out. You’ll get tired of guys like me saying it, but F3 is a great way to bring balance to your life. Get your friends and neighbors out here.

3. Find us on Twitter if you have questions about the other workouts outside of the T, Th, Rolling Stone beatdowns. (@lawdawg_F3, @F3Meca) You can also check out F3Nation.com.

4. Let us know if you’re not on the email list. Cobains if I forgot anyone.


8 thoughts on “What did Kato just do to my favorite superhero?

  1. Kato

    Law Dawg: Praying for you and your family this week. Great workout…good variety and we used the whole AO. The graphic rocks..did you find it or make it yourself? What did I (we) do to your favorite superhero? We made him proud, that’s what we did.

    T-claps to all of the FNGs who came back for more….keep on coming back and you’ll be surprised by what you’ll be able to do in a month or two. There’s a little story behind each of your names…hit me up when I see you next and I’ll share it with you.

    Pharoah: Respect…with a weight vest. I can’t hang with that.

    Wellington Chase Crew: Our little run to and from is a great way to burn some calories…and a sneaky way to become runners. Thanks Pox for keeping the pace up. My bum leg is feeling it now but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Nanny & Blindside: Great having you out and really appreciate the support from everyone at Highlands and Tradition.

  2. Pox

    Thanks LawDog for a great inagural post and thanks to the running crew which may turn me into a runner yet (look out Nanny)

    killer picture

    Note to Pax: superman to banana is a Kato staple – I prefer it to the pickel-humper (Col. Mustard staple)

    No preworkout run on thursday because Pox has the Q and that means we’ll need some equipment, looking forward to seeing you in the gloom. Bring some neigbors along.

  3. The Nanny

    @LawDawg. Agree with above…that graphic is ridiculously perfect. Solid lead this morning. Thx for bringing the rotating rock format. Last week we kept our own rock the whole time and that just does not work out well for me #PoorRockDecisionMaking

    Welcome to the newly named Pax. FNGs no more.

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