20 men gathered for the final pre-MudRun edition of El Dorado on a refreshingly cool morning.

The Thang

  • Run .9 miles to El Dorado
  • Up StH x3*
  • Across Parking lot for 15 declined CDD
  • Up ramps x1*
  • Across Parking lot for 15 declined CDD
  • Up Mineshaft x3*
  • Across Parking lot for 15 declined CDD

*Each time you reach the top of the deck, 25 LBCs and 10 merkins

  • It was good to have several El Dorado FNGs join us and great to have a Concord Clown Car post as well.
  • This was designed to mimic the MudRun…short bursts of running and upper-body painstations. Maybe that’s why all theĀ Fourtitude team members were near the front. Luckily, you need all 4 to cross the finish line and one fartsacked this morning, so the rest of us have hope. #ForgedHammer
  • Did anyone else enjoy running StH with the ROTC? Did anyone enjoy knowing they were half our ages and we were keeping up with them (this does not apply to Flyby who IS there age or Minnow who is 3x their age).
  • T-Claps to Skipper for adding to our COT prayer this morning. Please keep our brother Law Dawg in your prayers with the passing of his mom this weekend. I never met her, but her son is a great man, and she clearly played a part in that.


7 thoughts on “MudRun_Prep

  1. Frodo Post author

    Great push by the PAX this morning. Enjoyed some 2nd F with Minnow on the run back…which has NEVER happened before. Usually I need a megaphone for him to hear me.

    T-Claps to @BOS for running TO AND FROM El Dorado. That deserves some type of Virtual Trophy or Virtual Psychicatric exam. #Strong

  2. Colonel Mustard

    @Frodo – Thanks for the morning suck feast at #ElDorado. Good MudRun training for sure with several miles covered.

    @Concord PAX – Great to see you guys this morning. Always great to have our brothers from Concord join us.

    @BOS – all I can say is that you have stepped it up to another level brother. T-Claps!

    @Minnow, @Stoli, @The Nanny, @Chavez, @Frodo – way to push yourselves this morning.

  3. BOS

    It was great to see big numbers this morning even with that cryptic preblast. Your constant push is much appreciated.

    @Frodo – That was awful, especially on tired legs. Not well thought out on my part… But, I could see it happening again. #slowlearner.

  4. SSMinnow

    The Donkey Kicking Kangaroos will have to kick pretty damn hard to challenge, come Oct 4, based on this foretaste … strong work @Col Mustard, @Frodo, @NASDAQ (and good to meet you), @Chavez, @Nanny, @Stoli, and the rest of the El Dorado @Pax….this prep was quite a challenge in itself…T-Claps, Frodo

    I am looking forward to hearing about the Haiti mission trip on Oct 1…I know you men put a lot into this service

  5. The Nanny

    @Frodo Appreciate the thought you put into a mudrun prep oriented El Dorado. It happened. It sucked. Strong showing from you today – seems like you found your old gear – the fast one.

    Ditto on the big welcome to the Concord clown car. El Dorado will take your aerobic fitness to a whole new place. T-claps to that one Concord guy who was hanging near the front of the pax -#strong.

    @Minnow If you would just veer off course at every turn instead of just once in a while we might have a chance of staying in front of you. Usually your off course running happens later in the run after serious O2 deprivation. Having that happen early this morning was nice for the rest of us šŸ™‚

    @Stoli I understand you began the river shin smack training this morning. If this was anything like the real thing your shin should remain sore for two more months and have new knots on it for 4 months.

    @Fourtitude Was good to see you guys out there hitting it hard this morning. Last Mud Run was fun and carefree. This one is going to hurt. Can’t wait.

  6. Skipper

    @Frodo – Nice beat down! You mentioned that one member of #Fourtitude was missing, but I counted us all: me, @TheNanny, @Chavez, and @Stoli.

    @BOS – You cra cra! I’ve thought about running to #El Dorado before, but then I woke up. A 4 miler on both ends…you cra cra!

    @Indiana – Nice EH of @Grover, @Hipbone, and @Nails to #El Dorado! BTW @TheNanny, it was @Grover pushing the pace group.

    @LawDawg – Great to see you in the gloom this AM. Keeping you and your Pops in my prayers.

    I must have been O2 deprived while running because I swear I saw @DogCatcher on StH? But he wasn’t there for launch or COT? I miss that guy.

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