Off to a Slow Start

14 appeared in the darkness to start off a little slower than usual with some stretches. After hearing Col. Yawning, it was time to get to business.

Warm Up

Reach for the sky( bend at waist)
Cobra(30 count)
Seated position on deck ( cross legs and stretch back )
SSH x25ic

The Thang

-Mosey to BIG hill
TOP: 10 burpees
BOTTOM: 20 air squats
(work down 1 burpee 2 squats per cycle)
Plank when done.

-Mosey on through lot for Reverse Indian sprints
(Front man sprints around parking islands to the back)

-Mosey to fence for a quick rail merkin burnout.
10 slow merkins starting top rail and working down 3 rails to the bottom
5 slow starting a bottom and working to top
3 slow from to working to bottom

-Run to bottom parking lot for some mud run prep:
5 fence jumps, run to end parking lot. Repeat 3 times.

-Mosey to the the concession stand for 60 seconds of people’s chair, but first 15 burpees on your own.

-Mosey to soccer field for two sets of sprint burpees.
Start in the wet grass on your stomach with your knees and elbows off the deck. Sprint from this position to opposing end and complete 5 burpees and return.

The W x20ic
The squirm x25ic
Low flutter x25ic
Pretzel 20 each side
The box cutter x20ic

Had fun this morning, hard work from all. Always a pleasure to lead a group of strong men. @pound puppy, your fast. @dingo, didn’t plan on all that running, just worked out that way. @col. Mustard, sorry for the slow start, i needed those stretches, thanks for not falling asleep. @deer hunter, glad you made it out. @thebighill, I hate you!