A Need for Speed

The shovel flag was planted and Highlands Speed was 5 pax strong.

The Thang:

Mosey to bus lot with skips, butt kicks, and high knees on the way.

COP: SSH x 25, stretch

Agility drills:

Using the 4 square drawings focusing on the center and then a rectangle around the very center…

1. starting at the bottom of the rectangle, do in/outs from bottom, to feet together in the middle, to feet wide at the top of the rectangle. Continue for 30 sec x 3 with 15 sec rests in between.
2. Starting in a scissor position (left foot at the bottom left of the rectangle and the right foot to the upper right of the rectangle, bring both feet together in the center, then to the opposite corner of where the foot started. Continue for 30 sec x 3 with 15 sec rests in between.
3. Signle foot hops starting bottom left corner, hop to center, hop to uppper left, hop across to right corner, to center, to right lower, back to start. Continue for 30 sec x 2 per foot with 15 sec rests in between.

Timed sprints:

In one minute, Pax has to run length of the bus parking lines, then run backwards to the starting line. Each minute you increase the # of up and backs. i.e. 1st min 1 up and back, 2nd minute 2 up and backs. Your rest period is the seconds from when you finish to the start of the next minute. If you cannot complete the # of up and backs you’ve reached, then drop down one count for the next minute. Pax did this for 10 minutes.

Dropcloth’s 200m partner sprint: split up into two teams, Partner 1 runs 200m in the circle of the parking lot x 4, alternating laps with partner 2.

Stretch and recover.

The Moleskin:

1. I pulled in at 05:25 fired up about the number of cars I saw in the parking lot. Only to see 4 pax standing there waiting for me. The rest were at Q school with Shazam. We tried to get them to run with Speed, but Shazam wanted no part of it.

2. T-claps to those who showed. Proud of the effort this morning. The pavement was slippery which made the timed sprints dangerous. Luckily, I was the only one who wiped out.

3. 15 days until the Mud Run. Time to step up game and get some miles in over the next 10 days. Start with tomorrow morning’s workouts and the El Dorado on Monday.

Have a great day and weekend.


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  1. Stoli Post author

    Team Fortitude, where were you??!?!! Chowder may beat us single handily in the mud run. He’s become that fast.

    Tank, BOS, Chowder, Alcatraz, it was fun men. Thanks for being there.

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