Substitute Q

14 men posted in the gloom to see what YHC has planning to deliver on a cool morning in Highland Creek


Mosey to Basektball Courts

SSH x15
IST x15
Cotton Picker x15

Mosey to guardrail
Incline Merkins x10
Dips x10
Decline Merkins x10

Mosey back to BB courts for Haiti flashback. Find a partner for the following…
P1 performs the exercise while p2 runs across the parking lot and back and then P1 and P2 switch until all reps are complete

Round 1 – 50 Burpees
Round 2 – 100 Merkins
Round 3 – 150 AirSquats
Round 4 – 200 LBCs

Mosey to Back of School to the Hill

7 to 1 Ladder (Burpees at the bottom and Air Squats at the top)

Mosey over to Wall
People’s Chair
Ball’s to the Wall

Mosey over to front parking lot for Reverse Spiderman

Low Flutter x15
Rosalita x15
Crunchy Frong x10
Mason Twist x10
Plank Jack x15

– Sorry to the PAX that were looking for a different Q this morning. No one stepped up to help Gump so I thought I would give it a go once more.
– Great to have some guys from NoCo join us this morning. You are always welcome brothers!
– It was very quiet this morning for some reason, was it because Chowder, Chopper or Gump wasn’t present? The mouths of Highlands… A lot of Fartsackers this morning not unless they peeled off to Rolling Stone, I will check the BB. #Accountability
– T-Claps brothers for pushing yourselves this morning, enjoy the rest of the day

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