Buses don’t have Bumpers?

Great work today in the Gloom at our new Rolling Stone AO.  Awesome to see 4 FNGs gut it out for the entire workout!

Buses don’t have bumpers?

High knees butt kickers
Stoli Skips – Pox Lunges

Mosey to large field
SSH x 30
10 Burpees

Sprint to Front Fence
5 Burpees
Derkins 10-7-5-7-10
Ground РMid rail  РHigh rail РMid rail РGround
5 Burpees

Sprint to Rocks
5 Burpees
20 Dead Lifts – 20 Curls – 20 Rows
5 Burpees

Sprint to Wall
5 Burpees
Jump ups 15 – 10 – 5
Wall Planks between sets
Balls to the Wall
5 Burpees

Indian Run around School
to bus parking lot
5 Burpees
20 dips on bus bumper (found out school buses don’t have front bumpers!)
20 incline Merkins
Repeato both
5 Burpees

Run to Hill
5 Burpees
Backwards up hill – 10 Squats at top
return to bottom – 10 lunges
repeato 3x
5 Burpees (these were forgotten and must be made up on next workout!)

Mosey to parking lot for Mary
Homer to Marge Medley
Pretzel Crunch
Mason Twist

12 thoughts on “Buses don’t have Bumpers?

  1. Pharaoh Post author

    @PAX – Great work all, enjoyed the mumble chatter and the BS call. We did forget the last 5 burpees after the hill work so either do 5 at the office today or we will have to make them up next workout. Great to see so many FNGs!!!!

    1. The Farm

      I missed the BS call! @Pharaoh, you sure do love Homer to Marge. My abs were burning!!! Glad I checked out Rolling Stone!

    1. Pharaoh Post author

      @ Col Mustard – Following your lead brother and besides if I keep ‘Q’ing and moving around I can escape your beatdowns!

  2. LawDawg

    @Pharaoh, great lead this morning. If you were younger, rounder, and spoke with a funny accent I would swear you were @Dingo…

    Welcome, welcome, to all the new faces. Keep coming back. The power of F3 to transform your body and state of mind is amazing. Sign up for Twitter or follow us to stay up on the conversation.

  3. Kato

    Pharoah: Great workout! You made me do a lot of the exercises I hate (but need to do more): burpees and muscle-ups. Great tour of the Middle School AO. We’ve got to find some pullup bars somewhere; perhaps the elementary school or the pool/clubhouse.

    Peanut Butter & Eggplant: Running to/from the AO was a great addition to the workout and something I’ve always wanted to do. Runkeeper says we ran a total of 4 miles plus the bootcamp work. My groin held up for it all but I’ve had to spend the morning intimate with a bag of frozen vegetables.

    @FNGs: You guys did the only thing you needed to this morning: You showed up. You took it further by putting in a great effort. I’m proud of you guys posting and giving it all you had. The only thing you need to do each morning is show up….we’ll help you through the rest.

  4. The Nanny

    @Pharaoh You are the real deal my friend. You may be #Respect but you throw down a workout like a #HateHate. That run of flat, decline, and then super decline merkins up the fence and then back down with no rest in between…that was vicious. Brought me to the limits of my fitness. Sore from that today and I love it.

    @FNG Michael Hammrick You are bringing some significant fitness with you. Those daily afternoon garage gym workouts show; you spit out burpees about as fast as anyone i’ve seen – and they are a full burpee. Strong. Look forward to being pushed by you in the future. I know you said that getting up this early for anything but hunting and fishing is a little crazy, but I bet if you stick with it for a couple weeks, F3 will be added to that illustrious list of early wakeup worthy activities.

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