Where is the trail to the other school??

12 Pax embraced the perfect gloom and headed out to workout at the Elementary school.  Anyone know where that big gravel trail is that was so visible on google earth??  No??  Lets workout here then!

15 x SSH

15 x Imperial Storm troopers


The Thang at the track

10 x Squat Jumps

20 x LBC

run 100 metres

10 x Air Squat

20 x Reverse Crunch

Run across parking lot

Repeat x 3

Cackalackachoochoo around the bend

Mosey to back of school

1 minute of peoples chair

10 x dips

10 x step ups

10 x decline merkins

mosey to front of school

Quadraphelia x 5

10 Squats at top

10 WWII situps at bottom

Go until Q says stop

About 5 mins in Q spots some interesting stairs!!  One man at a time peels of to do reverse Spiderman merkins up the stairs.

Pax continues with Quadraphelia

10 lunges

10 WWII situps


20 x Pretzel crunch

20 x low dolly

20 x the W

20 x low flutter

Monkey hummers led by Law dawg

The  Moleskin;

  1. Thank you for allowing me to Q at Rolling Stone!!
  2. Great AO!!
  3. Guys!  You gotta get over here and check it out!

3 thoughts on “Where is the trail to the other school??

  1. Dingo Post author

    Rolling Stone has everything it needs to be a success! Lets hit the EH’ing hard and get some brothers out there!

  2. Kato

    Dingo: Putting together a workout on the fly is a sign of a great Q. T-claps!

    Egg Plant & Peanut Butter: looking forward to running over to the AO. Hopefully my leg will let me do it on Thursday. With Pox (John Shingledecker), there’s 4 of us so far. Let’s drag some more Wellington Chase guys into this.

    Peter: Glad to have you join us from Moss Creek. We’re looking to you to recruit the entire neighborhood!

    Highlands & @Tradition: Appreciate you guys coming out to the AO to kick things off. More than that, it’s great to see friends I haven’t seen for a while.

    Nanny: I have to admit, sometimes I’ll glance over at you to see how to do an exercise correctly. You’re the picture of perfect form, range of motion, etc.

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