Time for some circuits

28 Pax joined Forgotten Jelly in a circuit beatdown

– Mosey around church
– Circle Up
– SSH x 12
– IST x 12
– Cotton Pickers x 12

The Thang

We formed 5 groups and did the following as a circuit until time was up.

1. Station 1: 10 x Pullups
2. Station 2: 20 x cinderblock curls
3. Station 3: 20 x WWII situps
4. Station 4: 20 x squats
5. Station 5: 20 x merkins

– LBC x 20
– Pretzel crunch x 12 (flapjack)
– Homer to Marge
– low flutter
– low dolly
– Homer to Marge
– elbow plank

– Thanks for the honor of leading the men again. I always enjoy leading a workout. For those of you who haven’t lead a workout yet and you want to, I encourage it.
– Welcome to Iris and No H. Glad to see you guys return.

6 thoughts on “Time for some circuits

  1. Pharaoh

    @ Iris, @ No H – Great to see our FNGs back for a 2nd post! Keep up the good work guys…remember Iron sharpens Iron. Keep at these at these workouts and you will see great results!

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