El Chavorado

The Thang:

Run 0.9 mil to parking deck

  • Up stairway to heaven, 20 dericans at top, back down StH, 5 burpees
  • Up ramp, 30 Freddie Mercury at top, back down StH, 5 burpees
  • Up mine shaft, 20 dips at top, down mine shaft, 5 burpees

Rinse & repeat until 6:05

0.9 mi back to parking lot


  • @Nanny, @Stoli, love the back-and-forth you guys had going there. Looks like some great competition up front.
  • Did anybody else think the ramp would never end? #interminablerise
  • @Skipper, thanks for pushing me at the end and great push yourself.
  • @Minnow, major #Tclaps brother. If I’m in half as good of shape when I’m half your age, that’ll be a good place to be.
  • Welcome back to our Haiti brothers. Looking forward to some good mumble chatter over the next couple of weeks as your share your experience. I’m sure it was an awesome time.
  • #Tclaps to everyone for coming out this morning. To quoth The Nanny, the hardest part is getting your feet over the side of the bed. (Although the StH gives the GoB [getting out of bed] a run for its money.)

9 thoughts on “El Chavorado

  1. Chavez Post author

    Great work today, guys. I feel like an old man this morning, but at the moment I’m still standing at my desk.

  2. Bootstrap

    @Chavez great Q this morning. It sucked as only El Dorado can

    @Chowder thanks for the push back to the cars…need that

  3. Stoli

    Great workout, Chavez. The mix of 3 different routes, specifically the middle route up the ramps due to the distance, was awesome and difficult.

    T-claps to the entire Pax for running like mad men. Great stuff.

    Nanny, awesome run. No way I run that hard if we weren’t going back and forth on each round. Thanks, brother.

  4. The Nanny

    @Chavez That was just plain hard. While one might say it is not difficult to create a hard workout when everything is uphill at El Dorado, it takes planning to make it really hard. For me, the hardest part was the derkins at the top of StH. Those brought me to the entrance of Vomitville. Sorry no one but Minnow read your twitter-less pre-blast. I’d be happy to be your TwitterProxy in the future bro.

    @Indiana It was fantastic to have you out there. We just love sharing the El Dorado love with our brothers from other AOs. Let your boys know that it is a piece of cake and that they need to come out and show us what #ConcordStrong looks like. Plus the 52 minutes of threshold pace does wonders for Mud Run prep.

    @Stoli Boy did you throw it down today. You beasted that workout. My MO is to trail on the shoulder of the leader and make a move near the end to steal the virtual trophy. You kept the pressure dialed up so high today that I could not bring myself to venture into the painscape where passing you was an option. Just hold that fitness steady and we will be ready for the Mud Run.

    @Minnow Thank goodness Chavez threw in all that non-running. We finally found something that keeps you tethered to the Pax vs lapping all of us.

    @Bootstrap, @Frodo, @Chowder You guys kept the pressure on for quite a while. T-claps to the effort. Kept a close watch on you during the sections of ramps to see if you were pulling or holding steady. Who was it that blew past Indiana and I on the way back….Chowder and Bootstrap? Strong finish.

  5. The Nanny

    @Chavez Forgot to mention…your beatdown drove me to sit down at my standing desk for the first time ever after an El Dorado. Hate you.

  6. Skipper

    @Chavez – Well planned beatdown! Enjoyed the use of all 3 ascending routes. I was trying to reel you in toward the end, but couldn’t quite get there.

    @Indiana – Nice seeing you in the gloom again. Hope you can fit #El Dorado into your schedule regularly.

    Great push from all @Pax, especially my Haiti brothers! (@Frodo, @LawDawg, @BOS)

  7. Winnebago

    Missed you gentlemen, had a phone interview for a new job I really so wanted the few more hours of sleep so I was at my best, also having a hard time with getting 2.0 out the door for school at 7:10, thus my absence lately. I do have the Q at Mad Scientist this Wednesday. @Chavez was there for the last one and it will pretty much be identical. @Scrappy’s request. Hope to see you all there.

  8. SSMinnow

    @Stoli, @Nanny … relentless!…..side note: after one trip to the muthaship, I know @Stoli, @Nanny … relentless!…..side note: after my trip to the muthaship, I now know where this ludicrous pace at El Dorado originated from

    @Chavez…good call on going with 5 burpees rather than 10 as the ticket to go back up…that made it slightly more bearable

    @Indiana…good to meet you

    @Tradition/@Highland Pax … good showing this morning, and great push by all

  9. Chavez Post author

    Made @Nanny sit at his desk. Wow. That’s now my goal for every future Q. Love grinding out #El Dorado with you guys. I suspect our MudRun times will be much better overall.

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