Tower Cruise

13 strong posted this morning.

Come join the men of Highlands as we participate in a Highland Cruise with the goal of reflecting on the events on and after September 11th, 2001.  Please NOTE that this workout will start at 5:15 instead of the usual 5:30.  We are covering more ground than usual and will need the extra time.  If you can average an 8:30 pace, then you can finish this in 58 minutes.

The Thang:

  1. Mosey to the base of Skyline.
  2. Run up and down Skyline 26 times.*
  3. Mosey back to HCES.
  4. That is all.

* The Twin Towers stood 1,368 feet tall.  Skyline hill from the parkway to house #9 on the left has a vertical rise of 52.77 feet.  Do as much as you can.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. Well…that was tough.  The lactic acid burn slowly climbed up through lap 26….  I would not have fought through that if it wasn’t for you guys gutting it out all around me.  Thanks.
  2. Funny how a simple number (1,368) can seem so small on paper, but then be so big in reality.  Definitely gave me an appreciation for what some of those firefighters did on 9/11 as they were climbing the towers at a much steeper gradient than us (stairwells) and fully loaded with gear.  All in an environment of uncertainty, fear, and adrenaline.  Those guys were heroes.
  3. Throw some prayer up for those families that were forever changed by the events of that morning.  While 9/11 will always be in our cultural awareness – it will never be as impactful as it was for all those that lost loved ones on that day.  Pray for our leaders that they are given wisdom to make the decisions necessary to keep this great nation secure.

13 thoughts on “Tower Cruise

  1. Bootstrap

    I just kicked FIA to the curb so I could return to the Cruise tomorrow for this…


  2. Snare

    Will click counters, mulch markers or numerical flip chart lap counters be made available? I usually lose count after 3 or 4!

    P.S. Dude!

  3. The Nanny Post author

    Pre-blast converted to Backblast and posted!

    @Stoli Thanks for being my wingman today. Our conversation re: redneck watering systems kept my mind off the pain.

    @Chowder. Virtual trophy for you my friend. Strong showing. Not that we would expect anything else.

    @Filibuster Love that you stayed out there late to get it done. Way to go. 26 laps is an accomplishment. I am guessing in future workouts that hill won’t seem quite so big.

  4. Chowder

    @Nanny – great beatdown this morning. Painful AND meaningful. Fully echo the thoughts you share in the moleskin. Similar thoughts weighed heavy on my mind in the gloom as we moseyed (or is it mosied?) up and down Skyline. Those (and all) first responders are true everyday heroes who cast aside their own personal comfort and well-being when they see danger and run toward it for the benefit of others. Risking their lives, doing hard things, persevering against great odds. That’s real servant leadership, worthy of honor and our respect… and worth modeling for the benefit of our families, brothers and communities. Thanks for bringing it to the Cruise, dude.

  5. Chavez

    Great job to everyone out there today. That workout was no joke. @Nanny – awesome concept and thank you for reminding us to keep in mind and prayer the families who lost loved ones and the heroes who risked their lives that day. @Chowder, great words brother.

  6. Dropcloth

    T-claps to all who completed this one!

    @Nanny – nice remembrance of what happened on 9/11 and incorporating that in the workout.

    @Chowder – spot on brother!

  7. The Nanny Post author

    24 hours after…. Just curious how bodies are feeling. For me there is a little bit of fatigue in the quads, but biggest hit is in the calvies. Rt one sore, left one tight.

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