Pyramid ‘o’ Burpee

27 Traditioneers got up this morning to climb a painful pyramid of burpees.




warm up mosey around the church.


Circle up

ssh x 15

5 merkins

5 lbc

5 burpees


Mosey to the outback

10 pull-ups

10 dips

10 burpees


Grab a brick or water jugs and mosey to the front lawn of the church

15 curls

15 tri-extensions

15 burpees

drop you blocks and mosey to the pre school

20 Carolina drydocks

20 plank-jacks

20 burpees


Mosey to the office park

25 merkins

25 lbc

25 burpees


mosey back to pre school

20 Carolina drydocks

20 plank-jacks

20 burpees


mosey back to front lawn

15 curls

15 tri-extensions

15 burpees

grab your blocks and mosey to the outback.

10 burpees



LBC x 25



1. Thanks for letting me Q this morning . It is truly an honor. Thank You.

2. The goal was 125 burpees, due to time we made it to 120. Good job Men. this workout will reappear and we will make 125.

3. I showed up promptly a 5:29. So I was unable to get everyones name if I missed you sound off below

13 thoughts on “Pyramid ‘o’ Burpee

  1. FunkyBunch Post author

    Great work this morning guys. Thanks again chance to lead this morning. I enjoyed it hopefully you all did too…

  2. FunkyBunch Post author

    But the way the goal was 1.25 miles of running . I forgot my watch so I didn’t get it measured. I know we did 1 mile. Keep it up guys. Great job by all!

  3. Man Down

    – I’m feeling that one! Great job FB! I’m actually glad I did the heavy cinderblock with you…even if I did drop it! #blockdownbymandown
    – @Dingo, you might need to spruce up that front grass area again after the torture it received today from 27 pax!

  4. BlindDate

    Great workout @FunkyBunch. I think we will all be feeling those burpees for a while. When I was reading your post above that we fell 5 burpees short of the 125 you had planned, I was waiting for the marching orders to do 5 more burpees in my office.

  5. Dingo

    Good, tough workout Funky Bunch! 25 burpees at one time is A LOT! Not sure if anyone got through them all except for Mr. Belding(Maybe Grizzly?). I know you want to be bigger, but there are advantages to not carrying 200lb+ around! Burpees be on advantage……

    What I really liked was the running! It was good to get moving around the AO!

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