Commence Launch Sequence: Rolling Stone

Fresh terrain, new scenery and a perfect gloom.  All signs are go for the launch of Rolling Stone.  An even dozen PAX posted to make it happen.  Here’s what went down.

Active warm-o-rama
Mosey around parking lot with high knees, butt-kickers, Stoli skips, Pox deep lunges

The Thang

Imperial Storm Trooper X 19 IC
Merkins X 10 IC

Mosey to side parking lot
Lunge the length of the lot
Mosey to Floyd (the wall)
Muscle ups X 15 OYO
Peoples chair X 1:15
Muscle ups X 20 OYO
People’s chair X 1:15

Mosey to lawn in front of school
Bear crawl length of lawn
Crab walk back the length of lawn

Mosey to front field fence
Derkins low rail X 10 IC
LBC X 15
Derkins top rail X 10 IC
LBC X 15

Mosey to side hill by front parking lot
Ladder of 6s
– One – legged burpees (R) at top
– One – legged burpees (L) at bottom
Plank until everyone is finished

Reverse Spider Man Merkins up the sets of stairs

Mosey back to Floyd
– Muscle ups x 10 OYO
– People’s Chair x 1:15
– Muscle ups x 10 OYO
– People’s chair (R leg up/L leg up) x 1:30

Mosey to lower lot for Mary
– Mason Twist x 19 IC
– Low Dolly x 15 IC
– Low Flutter x 15 IC


– F3 Connect at Peculiar Rabbit today
– We’re back here at 0530 on Thursday for another round of Rolling Stone (some discussion of a 0515-0600 schedule – TBD); Start EHing if you haven’t already!
– Saturday Convergence at Concord – no workout at MCP or Harrisburg
– I think there was one other – I can’t remember

The Rolling Moleskin
– Thanks to the PAX for posting to the first Rolling Stone – great to see some of the PAX who will be regulars here: @Blindside, @Kato, @Uggs, @Pharaoh.  I know there are more of you out there – looking forward to seeing you Thursday (or next week for the Haiti-bound boys.)
– Welcome and great job to @FNG Ralph Zendejas – I have a feeling it won’t be long before he’s taking a Q here and flashing back to his TxA&M days beating on the fish (freshmen.)
– @Kato – great to have you out there and powering through the injury/recovery… but can’t believe you’ve never heard the phrase, “A rolling stone gathers no moss.”
– @Gump – you got me right off the bat with the #mumblechatter… jumping the rep count completely threw me off my game, but that’s the purpose of #mumblechatter.  Mission accomplished and I will be stronger for it – thanks, brother (though I always figured it would be @Chopper who got me, just out of sheer volume.)

4 thoughts on “Commence Launch Sequence: Rolling Stone

  1. Pharaoh

    Thanks Chowder….enjoyed it. Looking forward to posting here and poking around to see what the AO has to offer should I Q. As you know my vote is in for the 5:15 – 6:00 time slot.

  2. Chowder Post author

    Thanks to all the PAX who came out to support the launch of Rolling Stone – great job this morning! Looking forward to the guys making it their home. Great base of operations… we’ll explore more ground on Thursday. Feedback is always welcome and encouraged!

  3. The Nanny

    @Chowder T-claps for taking the inaugural Q. Not as easy when you have no experience to go on. Had to come up with all fresh pain stations. So glad you called for the reverse spidey up those stairs. For the record, our stairs had 11 while the other had 9. Hey…someone has to be the bean counter when @Dropcloth hard commits and then fails to post.

    Love making it to new AO launches – fun to remember the first day when in 6 months this thing has a bunch of new to us faces.

    @Blindside I hope to hear more about this potential restaurant endeavor of yours…

    @Pavarotti How’d you get that dent? Did you non-emotionally head lock some guy and then throw him into your front left fender?

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