Win B.O.S ( Winchester Balls O’ Steel) – Notch it up

Nice morning for Monday BOS workout in Dingo’s driveway 4 guys ready to bulk up with a beat down… and one young spectator eyeing us from the bonus room garage.

The experience in the gloom –

quick mosey then some warmups:

10 of each: high knees, arm stretches, SSH, IST, CP

KB work out X 10

Round the world: Flapjack(fj), figure 8: fj, squats, high pulls, KBpress, KB merkin: 10 per arm, kb swing, lawn mower, 10 per arm, lateral pullover,mason twist, kbswing

Notch it up:

RTW, Fig 8,  Squat press, clean press 10 per arm, KBpress w/ flutter,,kb merkin on leg: 10 per arm,kb swing, lat pullover w/ Marge, mason twist legs up,, kb swing


Marys close out: LBC,Homer to Marge

Thanks for a good sweat and opportunity to Q it up. good place to learn amongst F3 committed comrades!

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