More Mud, More Runnin’, More Betta

Yet another Saturday Early Edition Q by YHC and yet another late Backblast.  Cobains, brothers… but happy to have the PAX step up and take the Early Edition helm (especially since YHC will be DR the next two weeks.)

Of course, it’s that time of year again… Leatherneck Prep.  Rather than a course, we rolled out some activity-based and condition-specific training for the 10 PAX who posted.  Let’s get after it.

The Thang
Mosey across the road for warm up to the far corner of the tennis courts.  Starting by the dumpster walls:
– AYG lap around the outside of the courts (stay off the pavement)
– Scale each of the six walls around the dumpsters
– Rinse and repeat x 3 (4 total sets)
– Plank until the six arrives

Mosey on grass to the baseball bleachers
– Time trial start one PAX every two seconds
– Hop walkway railing x 5
– AYG around far light pole and back
– Dips x 20 on bleacher bench
– Rinse and repeat x 3 (4 sets total)
– Plank until six arrives

Sidewinder on hill to the road
– Mosey across soccer field and parking lot, up around outfield fence of baseball fields to lower parking lot
– At near corner of parking lot:
– LBC x 19 IC until six arrives

AYG on the outside of the fence, past the pathway
– Under bottom rail of first fence, over top rail of second fence, under bottom rail of last fence
– AYG to playground and traverse both sets of monkey bars
– Dropping during the set = 10 Merkin penalty
– AYG back to starting corner of parking lot
– Derkins (middle or top rail) x 10
– Rinse and repeat x 3 (4 sets total)
– Plank until the six arrives

Mosey up past pavilion, across road and soccer field to home base

– LBC(?) (The Nanny) x 19 IC
– W (Man Down) x 19 IC
– Crunchy Frog (Octane) x 20 IC (+5 if anyone’s feet touch the ground)
– Low Flutter x 19 IC
– Pretzel Crunch L. x 10 IC
– Pretzel Crunch R. x 10 IC


Da Moleskin
– @Nitro – did you make weight?
– Good to see some Kotters from @Keifer and @Repo… they’re getting ready for the mud run.  Are you?
– @ManDown – strong post brother.  You been training extra on the sly?
– @Bling – thank goodness there’s very little grass on the Leatherneck!

– New AO Rolling Stone launching in Moss Creek (Harris Road Middle School) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 0530
– Prayers to the Haiti crew for their mission trip and to the Ridge Runners as they conquer BRR
– Concord Convergence for their One Year Anniversary next Saturday (09/13) at 0700