1000 rep challenge

25 PAX experienced a Forgotten Jelly beatdown at the Tradition AO.

Mosey around church
• Side straddle hop x 12
• Imperial Storm Troopers x 12
• Cotton Pickers x 12

Workout (1000 reps total)
• Burpee – 5 sets of 10 reps
• Ground-Zero Jump – 5 sets of 20 reps
• Pushup – 5 sets of 20 reps
• Bodyweight Squat – 5 sets of 30 reps
• Mountain Climber – 5 sets of 20 reps
• Alternating Lunge – 5 sets of 20 reps
• lateral hops/front-to-back hops – 5 sets of 80 reps

• LBC x 15
• Homer to Marge
• Directly into LOW DOLLY without putting feet down
• Elbow Plank (1 minute minimum)

– Thanks for the honor of leading the beatdown this morning. I hope everyone was as tired as I was after the workout. Nice work by all.
– Welcome to the two FNGs today, Ron Watkins and Chris Parish. Hope to see you out there again soon.

11 thoughts on “1000 rep challenge

  1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

    Thanks to the PAX for indulging me this morning. I have wanted to try this workout for a few months. Sound off below.

  2. Man Down

    Great job, as always, Jelly! That one started out easy, but by the time that 600th or so rep rolled around, I was feelin’ the pain! @Raptor, way to EH a couple more guys for our group!

  3. Dingo

    Just need to correct you Jelly – “I hope everyone was as tired as I was after the workout.” – I believe you announced that you were about to fall asleep at the BEGINNING of the workout!!

    As far as those “ground zero jumps” go…….you mentioned that if your not feeling it in your calves then you’re doing it wrong…….I must have been doing it wrong……. 🙂

    I was tired also. Sorry for the lack luster announcements this morning……3 days at the beach and 6 kids will do that to a guy…….

    @Raptor – 2 FNG’s on one day!! You’re almost up to @Striker EH’ing levels!!

  4. Forgotten Jelly Post author

    Yep, was about to fall asleep before we started. The workout woke me up for a bit, but then I almost fell asleep again. Thanks for pointing that out Dingo.

  5. BlindDate

    Great workout, Jelly. I agree with Man Down in that I thought during the first round that it wasn’t too bad, but then the burn started to kick in during the latter rounds – always a good thing.

  6. Kemosabe

    Great workout. I was in Damascus Virginia on the Virginia Creeper Trail. Took a 20 mile bike ride up the mountain, which used to be an old rail road track they turned into a bike trail. Then I took the 20 mile ride back down which was awesome. Two extremely tough workouts in less than 3 days. Anyone interested in doing this should Google “Virginia Creeper Trail”, awesome views and ride through the mountains and over the gorges and streams.

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