I’ll apologize in advance for what comes next…

32 men made their way to Harrisburg Park to start the holiday weekend off right….except for all that running stuff.

SSH x25
Mosey to island in front of the library, circle up around the flag pole
Merkins x10
Air Squats x10
Plank Jacks x10

To the library curb. Entire pax does Curb Hops, while two at a time do Reverse Spider Man Merkins up the stairs, run down the ramp and rejoin the pax in Curb Hops. Once all are done, repeat with Air Squats instead of Curb Hops.

Mosey down the side lot and onto the field. Partner up and line up along the side lines.
P1 sprints across the field and back while P2 does the called exercise, then switch. Continue to the cumulative reps called. The exercises and reps were:
100 CDDs
100 Lunges
100 Merkins
300 Air Presses

Mosey around the track down to the bottom of Heart Rate Hill 5:1 Ladder (for the outside reader, it’s a ~100yrd trail through the woods with a roughly 8% grade), Wide Merkins at the bottom, Diamond Merkins at the bottom.

Mary (thanks to Bull for getting it started because, naturally, he finished first)
LBC x20
Low Flutter x20
Crunchy Frog x15
The W x15
The Squirm x20
1-minute Plank


1. Thanks for allowing me to lead. Seriously, it never occurred to me how much running we’d be doing.
2. As we finished the partner exercises on the field, a worn out Segundo joked he didn’t think he could run any more. Uh, sorry, off to Heart Rate Hill. Of course, he had already run 16 miles before the workout….and still did the ladder. On that note, major props to other Bull Runners as well (Hootie, Bull, Riptide and others…sound off below) who got in 6-8 miles before this. You guys are going to kill it at next week’s BRR!
3. Welcome back to Golden Fleece. Keep coming back and you will get stronger.
4. Tclaps also to Scrapple, who gutted (no pun intended) through the pain to catch up on the final ladder. Strong work, sir.
5. Thanks to Riptide for killing the pterodactyl sized horsefly on my back at the end. For a second I thought you were just encouraging me to hurry up….


5 thoughts on “I’ll apologize in advance for what comes next…

  1. Rooster_MS

    Once just once, I’d like to wake up and feel happy…. Gamma some how always destroys that thought.
    Good lead

  2. Hootie

    A chippy Gamma is not what you want to come back to after 10+ miles of running. That was no fun. Quite a bit of carnage at the top of the hill under the shelter in the midst of the ladder. Good one.

    For the record, I wasn’t talking. I won’t say who was but Boy does he likes Banjo music.

    Segundo – still in awe of your “miscalculation.” How does that happen? You are a freak…glad you are on our squad this weekend at BRR. Going to be a good one.

    Shout out to Gamma, Starsky, and the other Highlands and Tradition guys heading to Haiti next week. T-claps Gentleman. Way to live out your faith. We’ll be praying for you.

  3. BanjoBoy

    Yes, for once it was me that interrupted class instead of Hootie. He still caught grief… That is what happens when you have that kind of reputation.

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