Tabata Bing, Tabata Boom! Pain in the Gloom!

23 Pax made downPAINments on their fitness with a little oxygen-depriving, muscle-fatiguing rounds of Tabata that went like this:


  • SSH x20 (Q picks up phone/Tabata timer which flew 15 feet out of his pocket)
  • Windmills x15

Enough warm-up…let’s get to it! Count off 1s and 2s.

  • Indian Run with 5 Merkins (2 lines across street from one another) to Business Park
  • Tabata 1: Power/Star Jacks & Jump Squats
  • Cotton Pickers x15
  • Tabata 2: High Knees & Mummy Kicks
  • Indian Run with 5 Air Squats (2 lines) to Outback. 1s grab a cinder block, 2s to pull-up bars.
  • Tabata 3: 1s do Curls & Skull Crushers; 2s do Pull-ups & Carolina Dry Docks.
  • Tabata 4: 1s and 2s switch out.
  • Mosey to Main Lot.
  • Tabata 5: Sprints & Burpees (not enough time, so we skipped this one)
  • Tabata 6 5: Mason Twists & Ski Abs
  • Plank for 2 minutes...1 minute since Q could only do 1 min and we had run out of time anyway!

3 thoughts on “Tabata Bing, Tabata Boom! Pain in the Gloom!

  1. Man Down Post author

    Thanks for allowing me to Q another workout, men! I hope the high intensity bursts of Tabata work reap great benefits for you. Sorry we didn’t have time to do the burpees and sprints. I know you are all disappointed about that.

  2. Dingo

    Good job man down! Tabata Beatdowns are tough! I am a big fan of the Indian run, so I enjoyed the 2 nice long runs! We need to do those more often!

    After the murph, the pull up workout on Wednesday and this one…….I am about done with pull ups this week…..

  3. FunkyBunch

    Solid beatdown @ManDown.

    I agree Indian runs are good. That was a nice touch adding the presprint penalty.

    I would like to put a APB out for @MajorPain. Anybody seen him lately?

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