Great W***E Stance…

YHC just couldn’t bring himself to fully quote @Charmin in the titleif you showed then you know. 17 men chose to forsake the fartsack and posted to HCES for a beatdown in the relatively cool 63 degree temperatures and clear skies.

The thang:

YHC gives the disclaimer. Mosey to upper parking lot for a little warmup. Gump with the mumble chatter and getting the Q on track with his cadence right from the start. He took some time off, but he’s right back in mid-season form.

SSH x 15

IST x 15

Cotton Pickers x 15

Partner up and head to the guardrail on Shelley.

Partner 1 does incline merkins x 10 with partner 2 doing AMRAP LBC’s.  (Partners switch)

Partner 1 does decline merkins x 10with partner 2 doing AMRAP LBC’s.  (Partners switch)

Partner 1 does dips x 10 with partner 2 doing AMRAP LBC’s.  (Partners switch)

Repeato on all three exercises.

Do another two sets replacing LBC’s with planks. Thankfully, we avoided getting hit by numerous drivers not paying attention, texting while driving, or just generally traveling at an unsafe rate of speed on Shelley even after seeing us. YHC told them to “get off our road, we are trying to work out,” but it seemed to be of no effect.

Mosey to Skyline with a nice healthy groan from Gump when we turned left onto Highland Creek Parkway. I have to admit, that made me feel good.

Two sets of:

Partner 1 up Skyline and back with partner 2 doing AMRAP air squats. (Partners switch)

Partner 1 up Skyline and back with partner 2 doing muscle ups x10 on the brick walls.

Total of 4 runs up Skyline was enough for most of the pax.

Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary via the rabbit hole.

Mary by committee (Cobains if I forgot anyone):

Charmin: Freddy Mercury x 8 forward x8 backward (loved the transition to backward)
Gump: pretzel crunch (x10 right x10 left)
Reddawn: low flutter
Dropcloth: low dolly
Law Dawg: X’s to O’s
Law Dawg with the assist from Charmin: Iron Cross


It was great not having the humidity this morning, but Skyline still hurt. Great mix of some long timers and some new(er) guys this morning. Keep coming and EH your friends in the Moss Creek/Poplar Tent/ Rt. 73 areas for the new workout at Moss Creek soon to be dubbed “Rolling Stone.” It’s set to start September 9 with  Tuesday & Thursday bootcamps. Send email addresses for EH’s to Gump or YHC. Mark your calendar for Q-school September 19 & 20. See Dropcloth for details. Hopefully, the weasel shaker and command crew will circulate a link for a signup soon.

Special shout out to Charmin for the last minute Q switch with me. Come get your Charmin beat down next Thursday. I foresee another round of the Iron Cross so practice your W***e Stance. (Google for some extra tips at your own peril, you should probably use the home computer) I hope you all enjoyed it, see everyone back for Speed tomorrow.

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