Leg Day

It is a beautiful Tuesday so 25 of us decided to start the day with a workout.

The Thang:

Mosey into our warmup

10 Side Straddle Hops

Rotation of warm up exercises.  Free Swinging Arms, Neck Rotations, Arm Circles, Leg Rotations, Toe Touches.

Split into 3 groups – 2 sets each of the following stations.

10 Bench Jumps

25 Calf Raises

10 Donkey Kicks

2nd set.

1 leg Step ups – 10 each leg

10 Sumo Squats

10 Lunges

Run to field and line up for sprints

2 sprints at 25%.

2 sprints at 50%

2 sprints at 75%

6 sprints at 100%

Circle up for Progressions

10 reps to 1 rep for the following exercises:

Side Straddle Hop




Line up again for backward sprints.  x 4

Extended Mary

Minute on rotation with LBC and Plan.  3 total sets

Iron Cross

Appreciate the invitation to Q today from Dingo. Tried to make it a cardio/leg day.  Hope you enjoyed it.

I noticed on our first rotation that there was a lot of talking.  Was thinking it might be too easy for this group so we added some sprints to the mix.  #audible

Great work on the Iron Cross.  Was expecting more to drop off. Impressive

Nice showing from the 50 and older crowd.  just turned 42 so you are my inspiration.

If I missed anyone or if spelling is wrong please see @ Dingo.




15 thoughts on “Leg Day

  1. Charmin Post author

    @ Pax – One last thing. On the Donkey kicks it seemed like there was some concern about knocking down the fence. We need to teach this crew some touch. Object was not to kick down the fence. For some reason that cracked me up.

  2. Skipper

    Nice Q @Charmin! Appreciate you making your way over to administer the pain. I especially enjoyed the 10 to 1 exercises we did in the Outback and the 1-minute abs (both will be added to my Q repertoire).

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    @Charmin – Nice Q today. Definitely enjoyed it. I agree with Skipper that the 10 to 1 exercises were really good. Tough, but good.

  4. Pharaoh

    @Charmin – Great workout – feeling the legs today. I was planning a leg workout for my Q next week so it was good to experience one today.

  5. Dingo

    Thanks Charmin! Great job today! It started a little easy, but you crushed me in the end! I really enjoyed you move from squats to lbc’s! I laughed every time!! #gottashowtoknow

    @funky Bunch really needs to work on his straight line running!! I like how he blamed the whole pax for running crooked…..

    1. Charmin Post author

      Proper side fall technique Dingo. Prevents some hurt wrists, shoulders, butt bone, etc.

      I have a side fall workout that I have been tempted to use. Maybe next time.

  6. FunkyBunch

    It’s impossible for me to run crooked. You get this much weight going in one direction momentum takes care of the rest. When you drop a rock it falls straight and true.
    Great Q Charmin!
    Sprints would have been better if not sandwiched between Zig and Zag.

    1. Dingo

      I think it’s the weight that creates the zig zag……



  7. FunkyBunch

    Mass in motion = gravitational pull
    It doesn’t take a science professor to figure that out.

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