What kinda group is this?

24 Harrisburg men got up early and got up close and personal with their partners (and that’s no joke). The rendezvous went like this…

WARM-UP (x denotes cadence):
Mosey from launch to lower concession stand lot
SSH x 20
Windmill x 10
Merkins x 20

Mosey to football field, find a partner, and circle up. Each person perform the following OYO:
15 Partner dips (P1 elbow plank, P2 dips on back – switch)
15 Partner incline merkins (P1 elbow plank, P2 merkins on back – switch)
20 Partner squats (P1 & P2 face each other, hold hands, 10 squats each leg)
20 Partner merkin clap (P1 & P2 head-to-head, tapping hands coming up)
15 Partner curls (P1 laying on back, holds P2’s wrists, P2 curls – switch)
15 Partner over-head press (P1 plank placing ankles on P2’s shoulders, P2 press P1’s legs – switch)
10 Partner burpees (P1 elbow plank, P2 does burpee, jumps over P1, repeat – switch)
Repeato (except no curls, scratch that one from the record)

Mosey to end zone, do the following:
Partner push 50 yards – switch
Partner wheel barrel 50 yards – switch
Partner suicides – P1 sprint 10 yards and back, sprint 20 yards and back, etc. to 50 yards, P2 do LBC, switch when P1 returns.
Partner pull 50 yards – switch

Mosey around track and through trail. Audible – Dips on fence x 10, incline merkins on fence x 10, and air squat x 15. Mosey to launch point.

MARY (x denotes cadence):
LBC x 38
Homer to Marge
Low Dolly x 20ish
Squirm x 15ish
JLo x 25ish



  • Tclaps to White Bronco on his virgin Q. Good work!  The show’s all yours next time brother!
  • White Bronco explained that today’s workout would all be done with partners. YHC may have missed a few points in today’s disclaimer. Better check the fine print next time.
  • YouTube + Partner Curls = Not suitable for F3…but for those that showed, you now know.
  • Got a text later from White Bronco saying “won’t let you lead Mary ever again.”  Mission complete.  Tclaps to the PAX for putting up with YHC.

White Bronco & BBQ

4 thoughts on “What kinda group is this?

  1. Gamma

    There may be a whole new disclaimer needed for that one, but still a great workout.

    White Bronco – tclaps for stepping up to lead. Can’t wait for your first solo Q. I remember your first post, and you were right, the change has been huge. Great to have you in the pax!

  2. SoloCup

    Thanks for taking the lead. A few questionable moments at the start, then everything worked out in the end. Outstanding work

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