The Three Amigo’s!

22 Traditioneers showed up this fine morning for my VQ. Thank you guys for the oppritunity to lead you all this morning. It is an honor.
disclaimer (kind of)
mosey to freshly sealed lower perking lot. with some high knees and butt kickers mixed in.
arm circles(till the Q gets questioned on cadence vs. no cadence for that exercise)
skip rest of warm up and get to it.
The Thang:
count off in groups of 3.
partner 1 on lower curb doing merkins
partner 2 doing LBC on other side of parking lot.
partner 3 plank walks from 1 to 2 and swithes and 2 goes to 1 and so on till each man hits each station 3 times and does 6 plank walks,
mosey to the outback.
same idea different exercises
P.1 dry docks
P.2 jumpsquats
P3 grapb 2 jugs and lunge walk from 1 to 2 with jugs straight out to your side….same as above
mosey to the preschool of misfit toys.
P. 1 upper right lot burpees
P. 2 upper left lot mountain climbers
P.3 sprint from 1 to 2 by going down the hill and back up and switch…same as above
combine 2 groups of 3 to make 6 and preform 6 man indian run back to front entrance of the AO.
Mr. Belding asked for a jailbreak and he got it. Jailbreak back to lower lot.
LBC x25
just want to thank you guys for letting me have the chance to lead this morning its an honor.
As a group we need shorter names. I type slow.


11 thoughts on “The Three Amigo’s!

  1. Dingo Post author

    Good lead Funky Bunch! Solid beatdown, not much room for mumble chatter…….

    @Blinddate, @Triple Threat – Good teaming up with you guys! Triple Threat it won’t get easier, but you will get stronger!! Way to keep pushing through the pain!

    @Pharoah – I really enjoy working out with you! You push me to be better and kinda make me laugh at the same time!

    @Skipper – We really need to stop meeting like that……


  2. FunkyBunch

    Again guys I really enjoyed the chance to Q this morning. Thanx.

    @mandown and @ONJ thanx for working with me this morning.

  3. The Farm

    @Chicken Strip @Forgotten Jelly I enjoyed teaming up with you gentlemen this am.

    Did anyone else see Pharaoh arrive at exactly 5:30, park and immediately start running in one motion to join the Pax? Hilarious!

  4. Forgotten Jelly

    @Funky Bunch – Nice lead this morning. I tried to give you a hard time at the beginning, but you quickly put us to work, so that stopped.

    @The Farm @Chicken Strip – Enjoyed partnering up with you this morning. Nice work.

  5. BlindDate

    @FunkyBunch – great workout. Plank walks will definitely wake anyone up.

    @Dingo @TripleThreat — enjoyed teaming up. Great work.

  6. Pharaoh

    @Funky Bunch – What a solid work out and great virgin Q!!!! well done! Please sign up to lead soon.

  7. Skipper

    @FunkyBunch – Nice VQ! A great total body beatdown that was tough to complete. Good thing I had @ElToro and @Gangsta to carry me!

    Welcome @Triple Threat! You’re going to fit in nicely with this rag-tag bunch.

    @Dingo – I won’t be able to help you put up the new bars today, but I’ll definitely help try to pull them down on Monday. #Murph

  8. Man Down

    Sorry for chiming in so late (crazy busy day), but I just gotta say GREAT JOB Funky Bunch! That was a solid Q for anyone, let alone your first!

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