Time for some groiners?

26 PAX came to Tradition AO to experience a Forgotten Jelly beatdown.

Mosey around church
• 12 x SSH
• 12 x IST
• 12 x Cotton Pickers

The Thang:

Mosey to Outback
3 exercise challenge – 3 rounds
• 10 x Groiners
• 10 x Tombstones
• 10 x Rotational squat jumps

Split into 3 groups
• Group 1: Burpee to pullup (20 times)
• Group 2: 1 Squat, 1 merkin; 2 squats, 2 merkins;…up to 10 each (no rest)
• Group 3: WWII situps
• Rotate for all groups to do all three sets
• REPEATO (2nd round cut short due to time)

Mosey to parking lot
• Homer to Marge
• Go directly into FLUTTER KICK without putting feet down
• Directly into LOW DOLLY without putting feet down
• Homer to Marge
• Plank (1 minute minimum)

– I truly enjoy leading a workout. One of the best things I do during that particular week.
– I didn’t hear a whole lot of mumble chatter today, mostly just mumble. Striker kept talking about merlot spillage. I didn’t see any, but wasn’t sure if someone else did.

6 thoughts on “Time for some groiners?

  1. FunkyBunch

    Rotational squats = field sobriety test.
    Burpee pull-ups are always a killer.
    Great job this morning.

    Seems to be a running theme of @Dingo fart sacking your Q’s. Just sayin’.

  2. BlindDate

    Enjoyed it. Was definitely dizzy doing those rotational squats so much that if it was part of a field sobriety test, I’d be writing this post from behind bars.

    Good job Jelly.

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