The Dragon Walk

The Pax were 17 strong for a 75 degree gloom sweat-fest. (or were we 19 strong and I’m missing two? sound off, if so)

The Thang:

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COP: SSH x 15, mtn climbers x 15, release merkins x 10, stretch

Mosey to M.S. lot.

10 dragon merkins, 20 broad jumps alternating all the way to the other end of the lot.

Mosey to hill for 7 to 1 ladder. bear crawl up, 7 burpees, run down, 1 jump squat, complete the ladder.

Mosey to middle M.S. lot.

20 lunges, 20 crab walks, alternating all the way to the other end of the lot.

Mosey to the playground and split into 2 groups.

15 pull-ups, run to guardrail for 10 incline merkins and 10 dips. rinse and repeat x 3

Partner up on the bus lot for partner suicides x 2. Rd 1. forward to and from sprint, altnernating with partner. Rd 2. back sprint to each goal, forward sprint back.

mosey to lower lot for MARY.


Bootstrap inspired transgression. in cadence 10, 7, 4 – Low Flutter, W, low Dolley – complete all three exercises at 10 cadence count, then cycle through again for 7 count, then 4.

The Moleskin:

1. Outstanding effort by every member of the Pax this morning. 75 degrees at kickoff and didn’t get any better.
2. YHC hasn’t led a bootcamp in awhile, so it was great to Q again and hit my favorite hill for a ladder. And even more excited to bring back the DRAGON merkin walk. Such a tough exercise because you’re trying to balance and advance ground at the same time. T-claps for everyone giving it their all.
3. T-claps to Winnebago and Gulfstream for posting after yesterday’s brutal El Dorado. Well done, men.
4. A big welcome and thanks for joining to our brother Thumbs Up from Lake M_____ (Columbia?). T-claps for scoping out the AO last night and for joining us this morning. Great meeting you.

Have a great day.


1 thought on “The Dragon Walk

  1. Winnebago

    Great work by all today. @Stoli never disappoints in smoking and providing a ladder. 2nd day in a row that was major mental to overcome the physical.

    Sorry I was too deep in my own mind to identify great performances.

    Special thanks to @Gulfstream for assisting on the pullups and also running to and from the the AO

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