Road Trip to Fresh Market

24 of Traditions finest joined in the gloom to experience a beatdown by YHC.

No need for COP, lets roll…

Run down Prosperity Church toward Mallard Creek with a few stops in between.

Stop 1 – Guard Rail Derkins (10 at the bottom, 10 in the middle and 10 at the top) in cadence
Stop 2 – Monkey Humpers x20 in cadence
Stop 3 – Grab a strip for the following: lateral hops/front-to-back hops/split leg kicks
Stop 4 – Zig Zag through the Fresh Market parking lot
Round 1 – Side A: 20 Derkins on Partners Back/10 Jump Squats/20 LBC (3 sets)
Side B: 20 Close Grip Derkins on Partners Back/10 Jump Squats/20 LBC (3 sets)
Round 2 – Side A: 20 Squats/10 Mountain Climbers/20 Reverse Crunch (3 sets)
Side B: 20 Squat Jumps/10 Mountain Climbers/20 Reverse Crunch (3 sets)

Haul A** back to AO for MARY

I was bringing up the six so not sure what you guys did before I got there
The W
Pretzel Crunch
Mason Twists
Homer to Marge
Low Flutter
Low Dolly

1. Thanks for having me over to Q this morning. I thought I would get you guys out of the AO and also do a little running since your communication Q stated it was a weakness of the PAX. Blame that guy!
2. A bunch of new faces in COT this morning which is always great to see. Keep EHing your neighbors and co-workers because we know they need some F3 too. Many Sad Clowns in this city.
3. I think @Dingo needs to grow that bread back out…just saying.

8 thoughts on “Road Trip to Fresh Market

  1. Colonel Mustard Post author

    T-Claps to all the #Respects also…i think there were at least 5 or 6 in the PAX

  2. Dingo

    Thanks for coming over Colonel! Always a painful pleasure to see you!

    Aye…..the beard is coming back…….M doesn’t like my face…….

    So most of you have heard of the “Gump Jump”……we now have the “Jelly Lube”!! Same principal applies

  3. Dingo

    Huge T-claps to Montana! How far you have come already! There is no quit in you brother! You give it all you have and leave nothing on the table!

  4. Gangsta's Paradise

    @ColMustard – thanks for a great beatdown today. Definitely got things rolling, and I’m sure all of Prosperity Rd appreciated the 20 Monkey Humpers…

    @Dingo – thanks for partnering up this morning. Always feel an extra burst running and working out alongside you!

  5. FunkyBunch

    Col. Mustard thanks for stopping by. Always a pleasure.
    I don’t want any part of the Dingo burst or the Jelly lube.
    Shout out to Maximus! Who by the way I don’t believe has missed a double down oppritunity on Saturday yet!!! T-clapps And Respect!

  6. Man Down

    Looking forward to rejoining everyone Thursday! There’s a rumor that I may need to sub in as Q. 🙂

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