Partner Up!

17 Highland’s Mettle Masters met in the cool, clear gloom for a little Monday morning quarterback full of chalk & iron.  However, there was no time to stand around the cooler and talk during this beatdown.  Even Major Pain was silent (for the most part)!


SSH x15
Windmill x15
Cotton Pickers X10

The Thang:

Partner up for the Following:

Squat Press X15
KB Swings X20
Goblet Squats X15
Clean and Press X 10 (each arm)
Sumo Squats x15

**10 Merkins between each exercise

Goal 4 sets total

Chest Press x 20
Curls X 20 (or 10 each arm)
Bent Rows X 10 (each arm)
Two-handed Tricep Extensions X 12
Pullovers x15

**15 LBC’s between each exercise
Goal 4 sets total

1. Welcome to FNG Isaiah. Keep coming back!
2. Way to push hard everyone.
3. No, Dingo, I didn’t say 7 minutes 3 minutes ago. 10 extra reps for you!
4. Hammer- Thanks for joining us at Mettle for your EH’s first full Q.
4. We had a Gump sighting at the end. Thanks for stopping by. Hope that back heals soon and you don’t need to go under the knife. Get well, brother!
5. Shazam – Thanks for bringing us home at the end. Well done!

4 thoughts on “Partner Up!

  1. Dingo

    @buckwheat – good solid kettle bell beatdown. I got through 3 full sets of each. I think I’d need a smaller bell to do 4!

    @Hammer – great to see you and partner up! Hope the elbow gets better soon.

  2. Colonel Mustard

    I received no Tradition love at #ElDorado this morning…looks like I will be at the helm of Tradition tomorrow so good luck guys.

  3. Shazam

    Painful lead Buckwheat! T-claps across the board for pushing yourselves (and your partners) this morning! @Dutch, great work and encouragement along the way brother. Would have never guessed you were #respect until COT.

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