2 Years of F3 and The Triple Decker

There were a total of 19 men that attempted the Triple Decker and 1 man who was a lone ranger which equaled 20. The excitement of YHC’s 2 year anniversary beatdown went like this..

Run to the Triple Decker ~1.35 miles

Start at the bottom of stairway 1, complete 30 LBC, 20 Merkins, 10 Air Press at bottom of stairwell 1, run the stairs to the top, complete 30 LBC, 20 Squats, 10 Mountain Climbers at the top, run across the top deck to stairwell 2, complete your exercises, run down the stairwell, complete your exercises, run across the bottom deck to the next stairwell…rise and repeat until 0600.

Exercises to Complete:
At the bottom of each stairwell you will complete 30 LBC, 20 Merkins, 10 Air Press
At the top of each stairwell you will complete 30 LBC, 20 Squats, 10 Mountain Climbers

Run back to Kohl’s parking for COT

1. I wasn’t sure how that was going to turn out with all the stop and go but what I can say is that 2 years ago there is no way I would have been close to completing 13 stairwells. Maybe 5 would have been the limit with the added miles.
2. It looked like everyone shot out of the cannon at the start. I believe the six on the run there was at a sub 8 minute which is great to hear. Those rolling hills were tough but much needed for sure!
3. I am still amazed at our brother SS Minnow, he is a machine in his 50+ years on this earth. I think he has some special sauce we need to try out.

2 Years of F3: All I can say is that I am glad I took my M’s advise to start this little thing called F3. It has been an amazing road not only in fitness but the other two F’s as well. Prior to F3, I was truly a sad clown going to the gym by myself and pretty much just standing around like the fern in the corner. The only friends I had were those at work but still I was missing those male bonds that I had back in college. I didn’t know how much my life sucked until I joined my Highlands brothers in August of 2012. Fast forwarded to now and I am happily married with two young boys and live in an awesome neighborhood. I have some really strong friendships with men that will hold me accountable not only for posting in the gloom but for other aspects of life such as what is means to be a godly father and husband. I could go on about each of you but I need to get back to work so I will talk you personally. Life is good brothers and I have all of you to thank for that. #T-Claps to all my Highlands, Tradition & Harrisburg brothers!

8 thoughts on “2 Years of F3 and The Triple Decker

  1. Colonel Mustard Post author

    Thanks guys and great push by all this morning. You get out what you put in.

  2. Frodo

    Thanks for the lead, Col. It’s been a pleasure moving through the past 2 years with you. I’m better off for you being part of F3 and being lucky enoguh to have our paths cross.

    @Minnow – you’re a freak. Seriously, how DI you keep that pace? I thought u was going to catch you on the way home. You heard footsteps and shifted into another gear.

    @Stoli – welcome back. Strong return for being “out of shape”…please stay that way, for our sake.

    @Parkour – sorry you missed us. Can’t imagine doing an El Dorado solo. Impressed with your decision to not turn around and go home.

  3. Dropcloth

    Nice summary @Colonel and congrats on the 2 year anniversary! I think we can all relate to you in what F3 means to each of us in that final paragraph! I certainly am a better man for knowing all you guys!

    Now for that workout – I don’t want to run up the Student Union hill anymore! That was Skyline esque in steepness and length. Loved the total body beatdown administered today – great variety of exercises to burn all the muscles.

    @Striker and @Snare thanks for hanging with me and making the beatdown a team effort to push through. I would have included @Pavarotti and @Winnebago but every time I showed up they would run along – #givemeacomplex!

    BTW – @Winnebago your form on squats was impressive – that was full squats you performed. I believe if I went that far on 2 I would have just stayed down!

    @Minnow – you my friend are one impressive F3 brother on the workouts!

  4. The Nanny

    @Mustard A simple and effective beatdown. I liked how this one was less (marginally less) aerobic and more muscle intensive than some we have done. Variety is key! And re: your sappy, teary eyed, barring of your soul….sniffle sniffle….we are the ones better off for knowing you pal. I count you as a close friend and have F3 (and your decision to post on that fateful first day) to thank for it. I appreciate your positive attitude and willingness to jump in to lead anything w/o a second thought.

    @Pack Leaders (@Minnow, @Frodo, @Mustard, @Stoli, @Bootstrap) T-claps to your all out effort to fly through those minor distractions between stair climbs. I could not match your rep pace and lost ground the whole way through the workout. Nanny needs more running in order to reel you in!

    @Chowder Glad you were flexing your fitness out there this morning and kept me company while losing the leader chasing battle this morning.

    @Dog Catcher That was quite a surprise when we almost ran into each other as you were running in from some random floor there… #WrongTurnAtAlbuquerque.

  5. Winnebago

    First off. F3 Highlands is by far a better place because of Colonel. My first memory of Mustard was winter of 2012 when I had started posting but really didn’t want to to. It was a Gamma brick workout and I was already dead which didn’t take much then and Mustard puts both his bricks on the ground and pushes then in kind of a Carolina dry dock stance all the way across the parking lot. I remember thinking about how anyone could have that much extra energy to burn.

    Fast forward and Colonel still makes me sick with his performance. I used to say well at least he isn’t a great distance runner, not anymore. All around top performer. Yes we are better or having YOU amongst us.

    Great work today gents, way different than any other El Dorado we had done and those decks we pretty much dizzying, what architect drew those up?

    I already told @Pavoratti he did great this morning but he was crushing the decks.

    @the lead group you set the standard I always think this will be the week I will keep up. Apparently it will be next week.

    Great job.

  6. SSMinnow

    @ColMustard…diabolical anniversary smoking….couldn’t even begin to count the reps

    @Frodo….I thought your foot on my hand during that set of merkins was a mistake, until the 3rd time (#toofunny!)

    @PAX…I know several other local men my age and older who outrun me (check out RunForYourLife Grand Prix Series results). With discipline and perseverance, you guys have got many, many years of strong work, and PR’s, ahead. F3 is an excellent place to get this accountability (and more). I am glad that @IceMan introduced me to F3 several months ago…matter of fact, I have my VirginQ this Wednesday, and am really looking forward to it.

  7. Snare

    @Colonel – Amen brother! Well said. I echo your statements. It’s amazing to me how many friends I’ve made over the last 2 years in F3 and they live in MY NEIGHBORHOOD!

    Awesome workout today. (did I really just say that?) I liked the longer run and new deck. Although, think it was designed by a drunk gold miner!

    @Chowder, @Bling, @Pavoratti, @Dropcloth – thanks for the push today brothers!

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