3 men said “to hell with the rain” and posted for the water-based beatdown.


Mosey to bus lot, circle…er. square up.

20 x SSH

15 x Mountain Climbers

10 x Burpies

15 x IST

The Thang:

Indian Run 1 mile to track.

Hop Fence


1 x 400m

Jog 100m

1 x 300m

Jog 200m

1 x 200m

Jog 300m

1 x 100m

Hop Fence

Mosey to Larger parking lot

S pattern

– Stoli Skips

 – Butt Kickers

– Karaokes

– High Knees


Prone Sprints x 3

To HCE lot for Mary

The Naked Moleskin: 

1) #TClaps to the 3 guys that came out today. I confessed that had I not been Qing, I probably would have stayed in. Those guys are truly legit and committed.

2) When we were boys we used to love playing in the rain, today was a chance to relive a part of our childhood.

3) I’m hoping that it was the rain and not the fact it was my first Speed Q that kept the PAX numbers down today.

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