2 Year Sap-iversary

20 punctual PAX and 4 time-challenged brothers joined together in a perfect gloom to commemorate the historical day of July 31, 2012… yes, the FNG post for The Nanny, Pony Boy (both DR), Snare and YHC.  Capone would have posted too but he’s still in a back brace recovering from his serious rib injury.  [The following is to keep #SublimeGuy happy: Two years of togetherness, shared memories and blissful fellowship.  Flowers, fuzzy blankets, fireside chats and puppy dogs.]  Let’s roll and do some work… Mosey to RRMS parking lot.

– SSH x 20 IC
– Running with Scissors x 15(?) IC
– Imperial Storm Trooper x 15 IC
– Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Form two lines for Indian Run (no specials) out to HCP, turn left and halt at bottom of Skyline (head fake.)

The Thang:
Get in three man teams – on “go,” run up to playground and drop Man A for:
– 10 Pullups
– 20 Merkins
– 40 LBCs

Man B and C continue run to picnic tables behind school to drop Man B for:
– 40 Prisoner Squats (butt hit the bench) – audible to 20 Prisoner Squats after first round
– 20 Decline CDD (feet on the bench)
– 10 Burpees

Man C continues run back to the Playground to relieve Man A who then runs to relieve B who then runs to relieve C.  Keep the rotation going until time is called.  AYG out of the bus lot, down Shelley, right on HCP and cut in at the Concrete Rabbit Hole to the parking lot.  Circle up.

– Mason Twist x 15 IC
– Low Flutter x 20 IC
– W x 15 IC
– Pretzel Crunch L x 15 IC
– Pretzel Crunch R x 15 IC
– Low Dolly x 15 IC
– Rosalita x Veinte IC
– Airborne Mindbender x Infinity


– Speed tomorrow for Tomlin’s farewell Q
– Two Saturday beatdowns (6a and 7a) @ MCP
– Back to El Dorado on Monday
– The Shield next Wednesday 8-10pm @ Dropcloth’s abode (address will be in the daily email)

The Sap-iversary Moleskin
– Strong work by the PAX today.  Way to stay accountable to your teammates.
– Co-Q @Snare’s Running with Scissors cadence rhythm threw off some sleepy PAX, including YHC.
– Great seeing @Skipper, a Highlands OG, join us from Tradition this a.m.
– Close competition for the WB this a.m. with @Derby and @HOS challenging @Schultz for the crown.  Thought I was going to have to go to birthdays; Not the case for the WD who stood alone #Respect
– Speaking of birthdays, @Marie_Callender takes one step closer to #Respect tomorrow (but took the “age up” today)
– Enough public #ballwashing; We’ll leave the rest of the moleskin up to “someone” who’s been waiting for this BB to fill up the comments box… have at it, @HighlandsNibbler

2 thoughts on “2 Year Sap-iversary

  1. LawDawg

    Man, you forget a guy and then reference him as #sublimeguy and #highlandsnibbler. That hurts man, it really hurts. I’m willing to take the pain though. It’s clear that @Chowder and @Snare are two sensitive and emotionally needy guys. We, as the Pax, must step up and help take the pain and shelter them. I will lead the charge. I realized after the little jaunt around the AO this a.m. that they are probably just upset that we didn’t get them anything for their anniversary…

    So, off to the internet I go. At http://www.happy-anniversary.com/year-of-marriage/, I learned that the traditional 2-year anniversary gift should contain “cotton.” I’m left pondering….

    Should I get them matching pink t-shirts? Do they need security blankets (@Chowder would probably refer to his as a “banky”). Maybe they just need a nice cotton wash cloth to clean themselves up in the morning before posting? The possibilities are almost endless.

    Decisions, decisions.

    Maybe I should wait for #El Dorado on Monday to see if @Col.Mustard is as emotionally needy as these two when it comes time for his two-year anniversary…na, I doubt that’s possible.

  2. Snare

    Who spilled the Haterade all over LawDawg? I guess I’ll go back to watching Fried Green Tomatoes and Beaches.

    Nice work today by my team of @HOS and @Tomlin.
    @Skipper – I’ve reviewed my sailing terminology. Port = LEFT, Starboard = RIGHT.

    If you haven’t already read Queenie’s post on F3Nation.com, check it out [http://f3nation.com/2014/07/24/an-open-letter-to-f3-nation/]. It sums up how I’ve felt about my experiences with F3 over the past two years but never able to put into words. Thanks Brothers!

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