Traditon Splits!

23 men @Traditon means no need for a split.  @Dingo is not the best counter in the world, so a split happened anyway…..

Yesterday I was recovering from the Murph and was wondering who had the Q on Tuesday, because there are those Q’s who seem to love doing more merkins, squats and pull ups the day after the Murph, no names, you know who you are!  So I looked at the schedule and saw that Dingo had the Q.  Hang On…..I’m Dingo……I Q’d on Saturday……I Q’d the Murph on Monday…..Oh I must be looking at the wrong date…….nope……WTF……All good!!  No Pullups!  Only a couple of squats and a couple of Merkins…….

Mosey around Church

Warm Up

1. SSH x 20

2. IST x 20

3. Stretches

Group splits. #1’s go with Skipper, #2’s go with Dingo.  After a quick glance at the 2 groups I realized that I had the #1 group and @skipper clearly had the #2 group(Forgotten Jelly was in Skippers group) nuff said…..Skippers group did the workout in reverse.

Mosey to Outback – Partner Up

1. 20 x hanging leg raises(Partners stay together)

2. sprint to hill

3. 20 x decline situps on hill(partner holds legs)

4. Bear crawl to pull up bars(Forgot to mention this, so we ran back instead)

5. repeat x 3

Mosey to parking lot

1. 10 x partner get ups

2. 10 x partner throw downs

3. Partner push across parking lot

4. Partner pull across parking lot

5. repeat x 3

Mosey to small shelters near parking lot

1. 10 x partner merkin(partner holds legs)

2. 10 x partner dips(partner holds legs)

3. 10 x partner squat(Back to back) get low

4. 20 x partner shoulder tap(Face each other and tap partners should in up position)

Mosey to parking lot

2 groups combine again

Prone sprints from lying position x 5

Fastest man at Tradition – @Mario!!  Kids got some speed!!


Skipper led A-Z – A lot tougher than it sounded!!

The Moleskin;

  1. Yesterday I mentioned everyone except for Gangstas Paradise, so this moleskin will be almost entirely dedicated to him!!
  2. Awesome speed on those prone sprints Gangsta!  Where did that come from??  It feels like yesterday that we stumbled around Highland creek and got lost with Pongo!!
  3. Great see what F3 has done for someone like Gangstas Paradise.  Who wasn’t in awful shape when he started, but the excess pounds are dropping quick and you are obviously getting stronger!!
  4. Thats all I got for you Gangsta!  Nothing but love!!
  5. Thanks to everyone who has donated to the Pull Up Bar Extension fund!!  If you’d like to make a donation please give your hard earned cash to Dingo or the Q in charge.

4 thoughts on “Traditon Splits!

  1. Gangsta's Paradise

    Thanks for the love @dingo! Great lead today!

    I will echo what F3 has done for me personally. I haven’t felt this in shape in a long time (if ever), and coming to F3 and being encouraged by my brothers around me has been awesome. Thanks everyone!

    @Skipper – A-Z was definitely a tough one!

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Enjoyed it again guys! Great workout. I agree with Gangsta’s Paradise, I am in the best shape since high school. Wouldn’t be here without F3.

  3. Skipper

    @Dingo – Thanks for the cheat sheet to Q from. My group (whatever # we were) didn’t make it out to the Outback (must have been all those Airborn Mindbenders we added, right @Funky?), but I think we got plenty smoked.

    Since we’re loving on @Gangsta, I’ll add that his Australian accent is much better than mine and I would recommend him for your next co-Q so he can properly represent. #Goodday

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