Highlands Speed and the KISS principle

Simple workout, simple backblast.  Less chance to Chowderize it.  Nothing fancy (except Stoli’s new kicks and matching florescent shirt.)  8 PAX posted.  It was a little cooler than it has been.  Let’s roll.

– 1 mile warm-up at 2nd F pace (out bus lot, up Shelley to Ridge and back down Street St. – always looking for an opportunity to mention the laziest-named stretch of pavement in the 704)
– LawDawg questions if YHC remembers that it’s Friday, not Wednesday.  Oh yeah? You want something more Dawg?  We got something more for you when we get back to HCP…

The Simple Thang
– On HCP, hang a left and follow the Run the Creek 5k course with:
– 2:30 at slightly faster than 5k pace
– 2:30 at recovery pace
– Rinse and repeat
– Instead of turning in at the bus lot like the 5k course, we’ve got some extra time so let’s get in one more interval up Shelley to Ridge, then recovery pace back down through the track pathway.  Glad someone was actually within shouting distance of @Frodo when we called the audible on the route.

If you got back in time, Colonel led a little Mary work of:
– LBC x 20 IC
– Pretzel Crunch L. x 10 IC
– Pretzel Crunch R. x 10 IC


– Don’t forget: two Saturday beatdown opportunities, both at MCP.  6am Early Edition and 7am Last Call.  #Doubledown if you dare.  Neither is not an option.  Coffeeteria to follow.
– Murph this coming Monday – 5:30a at the HC Sport Club (NOTE: no El Dorado!)
– Are you a pinko commie som-beech who hates ‘merica?  Or just a #badboy who needs some punishment from the ‘Mutha?  Either way, contact YHC if you want to visit Cap’n Jack uptown for a mutha’ of a Murph-alternative on Monday. #alliteration.  Boom.
– Put August 7th on your calendar for F3 Night at Run for Your Life’s University location.  Craft beer, gourmet nut bar, raffles, giveaways, 2nd F, 10% discount, gait analyses, injury prevention clinic and more (like, did I mention… CRAFT BEER!) Thanks to @Hootie for organizing.
– Please keep @Nail_Pop’s (@F3COLA) son, Walker, and the whole Phillips family in your prayers as they are currently in Memphis (with Walker in a medically induced coma) trying to find out what’s causing his near constant seizures for the last 2-3 weeks.

The Simple Moleskin
– Strong work by all the PAX this morning.  We actually had to be pretty close to covering 5 miles… close.
– YHC got called out as a Q-Ho this gloom by the O.Q.H.  Sure, there’s the Qing frequency, but with the exception of one Mad Scientist, Chowder is a one-AO Qing PAX… only the lovely lady Highlands.  #itwasjustonce #signuptoQ
– If anyone else wants to take a spin in @Stoli’s $160 trial (not trail) running shoes, better contact him today before he takes them back.
– Discussion topic of the day: proper mechanics or proper shoes?  Ready… go!
– Heard some mumblechatter from @LawDawg about new MudRun teammate @Gordo “not having his back” about the warmup run… hmmm, muddy buddy team rift so early?  Let’s start talking teams – I know a few other PAX have inquired about team formation.  More to come.

1 thought on “Highlands Speed and the KISS principle

  1. Stoli

    I didn’t outrun Frodo, so I’m taking them back for false advertising. They were supposed to give me energy boost. It can’t be that I’m out of shape from missing the past month of run workouts. Gotta be that the shoes didn’t produce. Gotta be.

    Or not…

    The shoes were comfortable, but not for that $ amount.

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