‘Ultra’ NO MAS

25 of the Highland Faithful arrived in the gloom to see what Pox had in store for his second Q of the month – the answer was a little workout called No Mas (it looks like nothing on paper but it aint too fun).

The Thang:


  • Frankenstien walk (same arm/leg)
  • Frankenstien walk (opposite arm/leg)
  • Active lunge (elbow to heel)
  • Atlas lunge
  • Inchworm merkin
  • Slow mosey


  • SSHx15 (touch hands behind back)
  • Slow merkin x 15 (focus on form)
  • Slow squats x 15
  • Wide squats x 15
  • 8 Count body-builders x 15
  • Mosey

No Mas: Partner-up, 20yards down and back, each partner does every exercise, rest while partner is working, workout is a ladder-up, do exercise 1, then 2-1, then 3-2-1, etc

  1. Run
  2. Laterals
  3. Backwards Run
  4. Karaoke
  5. Frogger (jump squats)
  6. Slalom (two foot 45 deg. hop)
  7. Bear Crawl
  8. Burpee Broad Jump
  9. Power Skip (note – Pax did not make it to #9)

Mosey back 5 min early for a ‘Major’ Skipper led pledge for Ultra’s new National Guard post.

Muggy-man moleskin:

  • Great work all around from the Pax today – by my count no one made it through the entire No-Mas: that means a challenge for next time
  • Nanny comment early – these cones should be farther apart, Pax comment after round six, No Mas Frogger
  • Mucho Respecto to Ultra who has 20 years of service to the country including a couple of tours in the middle east – happy to provide a forum for your pledge this am
  • Great to workout with M4 (you were working it brother) and it was fun to┬áhave Kool-Aid and others around for lot of encrouragement


9 thoughts on “‘Ultra’ NO MAS

    1. Pox Post author

      Sorry ’bout that, did my best with what was written down, BTW, where was winnebago?

      1. Winnebago

        I have been having unusual fatigue lately during posts so I am trying to identify the root cause. I don’t sleep that much during the week, so trying to see if I get a good few nights if that helps.

        1. Pox Post author

          with 7 kids I can attest to fatigue and lack of sleep. Hope you get to root cause soon and back at the helm soon.

  1. Dropcloth

    Nice lead POX! Crazy leg workout today – the frogger and burpee broad jump were killers on the ladder! The run home was not a welcome trip!

    @HOSS – thanks for partnering up today – way to push it today and carry our team!

    @Nanny – glad to see you up to your old tricks of “if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying” during the burpee broad jump. @POX nice call out on his walking out the burpees on his hands so he didn’t have to do as many!

    @Ultra – thanks for your service (and the other veterans in our PAX) and allowing us to share in the ceremony today!

  2. Skipper

    @Pox – Nice beatdown, as was expected! I like how we left some room for improvement by no one finishing the cycle completely. #ChallengeAccepted
    Thanks again for cutting it a few minutes short (Pax – you’re welcome) so we could share in the NC Army National Guard Oath of Office for Ultra.

    As I mentioned this morning, the Oath of Office is something that is necessary for Ultra to continue his service when transferring to the NC Army National Guard. He could have done it very privately, or done it very formally. I talked him into doing it in front of our F3 brothers because I thought you guys would appreciate it. F3 definitely has that fraternity/military unit type cohesiveness and what better way to welcome Ultra to the Pax, as well as congratulate him on his continued service to our country. T-Claps Ultra!

  3. M-4

    Great workout Pox. It was tough and leaves room for improvement which is the best kind. Ultra thank you and all F3 brothers for their service to ensure our freedom. I am proud to be in your company.

  4. The Nanny

    @Pox Another quality workout from you my friend. You always bring fresh elements and a focus on form. My legs are sore in places that are brand new for me. Thanks?

    @Ultra Thanks for letting us participate in your oath ceremony. To be honest, that is the whole reason I posted on Thursday instead of #smartsacking. Thanks for your service and I am personally really glad we have you in the Pax now.

    @Skipper Thanks for your leadership and making the ceremony happen. Bringing the best to our Pax is nothing new for Skipper.

    @Flyby Good parterning up with you. Bad in that I knew you would be bringing a high level of performance that I needed to try and match. When I couldn’t, I simply stretched out those burpee broad jumps…until @Pox called no mas.

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