Burpee Beatdown

27 gents cut a swath through the thick gloom this morning.  Great work by the Pax as we kept moving quickly from location to location!

Burpee Beatdown
The Thang:
Quick short mosey in church parking lot
10 Burpees
Sprint to the Outback and grab cinder blocks
10 Burpees
Low curls x 10 with cinder block
High curls x 10 with cinder block
Full curls x 10 with cinder block

Low curls x 10 with cinder block
High curls x 10 with cinder block
Full curls x 10 with cinder block
10 Burpees
20 Dips at picnic tables
Quick mosey to hill across the street
run up hill with 1 Burpee at the top – run to bottom of hill X 10
Mosey to big wall
10 Burpees
People’s Chair w/ 20 air presses (in cadence)
Balls to the wall (with hip slaps)
Wall plank w/ hip slaps x 10
Indian run back to corner of church (2 lines)
10 Burpees
Sprint to each corner of the church for 5 merkins, 10 merkins, 15 merkins, 20 merkins
10 Burpees
Sprint around church to parking lot for Mary
5 Burpees
LBCs x 20
Homer to Marge medley (add Rosalita and Low Dolly)
Mason Twist x 10
Dying Cockroach x 10
5 Burpees

Total: 80 burpees and 1 mile traveled

Everyone great work and good intensity!  The workouts won’t get easier but you will get stronger.

Go with God today!


14 thoughts on “Burpee Beatdown

  1. Man Down

    Fun times at Burpeepalooza! Great Q Pharaoh!
    @Hot Wheels, glad you’re here brother!

    1. Pharaoh Post author

      Thanks Man Down it was lots of fun to lead.
      @Hot Wheels – welcome and great job!

  2. Dingo

    Great lead Pharoah! You love some burpees!! Great use of the AO! I liked all the running! We all need to run more! Makes the workout so much harder!

    1. Pharaoh Post author

      Thanks Dingo – moving targets are harder to hit! BTW I couldn’t come close to catching you on the sprint to the parking lot….next time I will be prepared!

    2. Forgotten Jelly

      Sounds like Dingo wants to see more running and burpees. Ok, you asked for it.

      1. Dingo

        Only 8 burpees today…….I like a solid 100 at least!

        @Jelly – You do remember that I Q also!! 😉 What goes around, comes around

  3. Skipper

    @Pharaoh – Sorry I missed this morning, but I was needed at #Highlands today for a special “ceremony” for Ultra who was taking his Oath of Office in the NC Army National Guard. I was very much looking forward to your Q since I was out of town for your first. I guess you’ll just have to sign up to Q again soon.

  4. FunkyBunch

    @Pharoah great Q. Really enjoyed it. To add to @Dingo’s comment burpees and running between elements make it harder. Better! Thanx for the lead this a.m.

  5. Gangsta's Paradise

    @Pharaoh – awesome workout today. Loved the energy, and was definitely feeling it afterwards. I was going to show the cinderblock burpees to @ForgottenJelly today, but I think we got our burpee fill today! Great lead!

  6. Dingo

    So I’m still trying to decide if I liked the burpees in cadence?? It definitely slowed them down so I could focus on form……..but slowing burpees down means it takes longer to finish them………#hungjury

    1. Pharaoh Post author

      I was kinda pleased how the in cadence burpees worked out – better form and kept the pax together. (and makes sure people don’t accidentally lose count when they are on their own)

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