Bored, mean and angry?

Many of the PAX might think that YHC is bored, mean and angry… sitting around all day, dreaming up new ways to punish us all and inflict pain on those who dare to post.  Au contraire, mon frere.  I’m not bored.  Too busy to come up with something new, YHC pulled out a fan favorite (queue the group groan): the Skyline Grinder.  Just a little something to welcome @Periscope and @Chopper back into the posting PAX.  Plus I knew that: 1) @Nanny and @Winnebago felt terrible having missed it three months ago, 2) @Colonel_Mustard would be looking for some good work after #snugglesacking El Dorado for his 7 year anniversary yesterday (congrats Colonel and M. Colonel) and 3) with @Gump comfortably on the IR, I wouldn’t have to hear how much he hates these “cycle” types of beatdowns; the only thing worse for him is the use of props… get better soon, brother!

27 PAX got various parts of the instructions (depending on when they pulled in), buckled the belt of their big-boy pants and launched into the gloom.  Was it just me, or was the gloom gloomier than the usual gloom? Maybe it was the wet streets, the sneaky humidity or the lack of porch lights in my neighborhood. #whatever.  Let’s do work.

Psshh, ha!  Forget that… that’s why we run to Skyline.  Let’s get after it…

The Thang – The Skyline Grinder
Run 1/2 mile – out HCE entrance, left on Parkway to Skyline

  • 10 Muscle-ups on wall
  • 40 Air Squats
  • AYG up Skyline into the first small cul-de-sac on the LEFT
  • 10 Three-Merkin Burpees
  • 40 LBC
  • AYG back down Skyline to Parkway
  • Rinse and repeat until the Q calls time (or, like a large mass of #refuseniks this morning, you don’t feel like running up Skyline again)

Run 1/2 mile back (same route in reverse) or follow someone (Nanny?) and use the cut through to do Mary instead.  In all fairness though, YHC probably Chowderized this part by not explaining the return route ahead of time.

Not sure what all occurred here… but saw some Mountain Climbers happening and participated in @BOS’s call on the WWII sit-ups x 10 IC.


The Ground Moleskin
– T-claps to our virtual podium… @Nanny, @Colonel and @Winnebago.  Strong performance, especially on the heels of a classic #El_Dorado beatdown yesterday.  And solid performances all around the PAX today – way to keep moving (well, most of the time) when it got tough.
– On my way back down the hill the final time, I honestly thought we had a man down there were so many PAX standing around… #refuseniks? or was @Chopper holding court?  At least I saw @Colonel continuing to knock out more squats…
– Cobains on the rehashed beatdown, but got lots of good feedback last time we ran it.  I think it sets up as good MudRun prep too… the muscle ups, running on squat-fatigued legs, similar running distance between obstacles/pain stations as the #Leatherneck, etc.
– Say it all together now, “we love #threemerkinburpees!”  Hmm, that was kinda quiet… I wonder why?
– I know he’s in stealth mode, trying to quietly sneak up on the leaderboard with each post, but I gotta shine a big ol’ spotlight on @Bling as he assumes the role of the Highlands beast-on-the-rise.  Strong work, brother – not just today but consistently for the past several weeks.
– Great to see lots of new blood (@Ultra, @HOS, @Gorbachev, @Abnormal, @Marie Callender, FNG Mike Miller) out there along with some Kotters (@Chopper and @Periscope).  Keep coming back… and bring @Titanium.

4 thoughts on “Bored, mean and angry?

  1. Winnebago

    Awesome effort by the PAX, that would be a challenge if you walked the running portions, to the new guys lots of respect to gut through that. Lots of words of encouragement being passed around. Best of F3. However that was some BOR Ball of Refusnik down at the base of the hill.

    I want to specifically say great work to @Gulfstream I know you are pushing yourself in areas you don’t like towards a goal of better overall fitness. You are are more than on your way.

    It was I who led the Pax through the cut through, #SorryNotSorry yes it is true the last time you brought out the Grinder I HC with something like “Hell Yeah” then M brought out one of her limited supply veto cards. @Colonel Mustard won that one and I said something like ‘a podium spot was available since I wasn’t there’ which sounded arrogant but was meant in the best way possible and was given a response of “so you think” Well I did it. And it took all I had. Truly great effort by @Nanny who brought out the boosters in the end, @Col who is the Junyong Pak (google him)of the WIB, if he isn’t winning he probably is 2nd. @Chowder who really is there anything left to say, and @Bling who really has figured something out in the last few months because you have skipped a few levels in your fitness progression.

  2. The Nanny

    @Chowder I wasn’t super upset when I missed the last one – it looked ugly and hard. However when you unveiled the plan for the morning during pre-start instructions, I was a little excited to give it a go. Little did I know that by the end I would hate it as much as I hate that damn beep test. The Skyline Grinder is sneaky hard but what makes it really hard is trying to catch #thatguy in front of you. It is truly a beautiful WIB.

    @Bling Ditto to the comments above. I remember days not long ago when you would have a decent start to this kind of workout but would run out of endurance – not today. An impressive showing for sure. You will be bringing a whole new level of fitness to your mudrun team – they are likely not going to like you as you will be pushing them.

    @Ultra Great to see you out there for your third bootcamp in a row. I missed you before launch and then you must have been sneaky during the event b/c I did not “find” you until I looked next to me during Mary and there you were. That was a rough third post my man – well done.

    @Mustard Greatly appreciated your “shot out of a cannon” start this morning and the carrot you represented to the rest of us. You definitely made me push harder than I would have (or even really wanted to). #IronSharpening

    @Bago I enjoyed our back and forth pass and re-passing. I struggled trying to match your pace during the various pain stations. And a shout out to your top notch form during air squats – those were some deep squats.

    @Chopper Great to have you back in the fold this morning. I always knew where you were… You bring a welcome level of chatter to the group.

    1. Bling

      @Chowder, @WB and @Nanny Thanks for the props #justkeepingup Lots to learn from you all:-)
      It was great to se @Chopper today – good to have you back – we have missed the chatter for sure!
      @Mustard – Flemings and Cheesecake Factory did you well yesterday! Maybe that should be my pre-game nutrition plan?
      @J-Lo – glad to see you hanging in there with a bum ankle.

      What a great showing by all!

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