Since Tradition is growing so rapidly we decided to go ahead and split the group in two if we have more than 25 people.  This am we had something like 29.

Magma Q:

SSH x 25 IC, Merkin x 15 IC, MC x 15 IC, Air Squat arms up X 25 IC

Partner up and run to the church entrance.

Partner 1 in people’s chair, Partner 2 does 10 derkins w/feet on partner’s knees.

2 runs lap while 1 stays in chair. Repeato.

Partner 1 flutter kicks while Partner 2 runs length of lot and back. switch

Partner 1 Freddie Mercury while Partner 2 runs length of lot & back.

Partner 1 plank while Partner 2 does 10 derkins w/feet on 1′s back. 3 sets

Partner merkins to 10. Partner 1 does 1 merkin, then partner 2 does 1 merkin. 1 does 2 merkins, 2 does 2 merkins, etc up to 10 merkins.

Partner 1 plank while partner 2 bear crawls to middle and crab walks back-switch

Mary in between

Reconvene with Dingo’s group for some Mary

Dingo Q:

Mosey to pillars

Peoples chair x 1min

Balss 2 Wall x 1 min


Mosey to Fence

Derkin Ladder

(In Cadence)

10 x Derkin – Lower rail

20 x Low dolly

10 x Derkin – Middle rail

20 x Low dolly

10 x derkin – top rail

20 x low dolly

10 x derkin middle rail

20 x low dolly

10 x derkin lower rail

20 x low dolly

Mosey to Daycare

Partner up

Partner 1 – Squats – AMRAP

Partner 2 – Sprint to end of parking lot

– 20 x lunges

– sprint back

– flapjack

Partner 1 – Reverse crunch – AMRAP

Partner 2 – Sprint to end of parking lot

– 20 x WWII situps

– sprint back

– flapjack

Partner 1 – Plank – AMRAP

Partner 2 – Sprint to end of parking lot

– 40 x Low flutter

– sprint back

– flapjack

Mosey to Fence

(In Cadence)

10 x Incline merkin – top rail

10 x LBC

10 x inline merkin – Middle rail

10 x LBC

10 x Incline merkin – Lower rail

10 x LBC

Mosey to Church – front man sprints to back – Reverse indian run)



  1. The only exercise Magma’s group witnessed Dingo’s group doing was air born mind bender. Step it up guys.
  2. Did someone bring a bullhorn to F3 this morning or was that just Funky Bunch mumble chattering?
  3. I think splitting into two groups was a great idea, seemed to get a much better workout.  What do you guys think?


16 thoughts on “1,2,1,2

  1. Magma Post author

    @Great job by all
    @Striker- You are fast! Thanks for the push during the sprints.

  2. Dingo

    Aye! I Liked the split! Funny though….the only thing we saw Magmas group doing was airborne mindbenders??

    Highlight and Lowlight of the morning was seeing Major Pain walking the dogs with his wife?? I felt like we were being cheated on!!

    @Kemosabe – Thanks for partnering up with me! Good push on those sprints!!

  3. FunkyBunch

    @ magma great 1/2 Q 🙂
    @dingo… I guess half of us will never know.

    Highlight : pairing up with @skipper. Salute!
    Lowlight/ @striker pointing out we were just a big group of #2’s

    Split/no split fine with me either way.

    1. Dingo

      I agree with Strikers comment! As the #1’s ran off in perfect formation, I looked bag and thought “What a large bunch of #2’s”……

  4. Gangsta's Paradise

    Running by Major Pain was definitely a surprise. Although, he enlightened us by shouting “Focus on the task at hand.” New F3 Tradition slogan??

    @Dingo/@Magma – way to lead this morning. Love that the group is growing. Beats the alternative.

  5. Kevin Woodrich

    Great beat down, Magma. Like Funky Bunch, I’m impartial to split or no split. Just enjoy the opportunity to get a solid work out in.

  6. Skipper

    Ahoy! I think the split worked better than expected. @Magma led a solid 40 minutes of Airborn Mindbender. There’s advantages to being #2.

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