Beardarado @ El Dorado

A lucky 13 posted in the humid gloom for a big boy workout @ El Dorado.  It went something like this:

The Thang:

  1. AYG to the North Deck.
  2. Reverse bear crawl up first level of StH. If not able, crab walk up two levels.
  3. 10 burpees at top and run back down StH.
  4. Run up decks to top – run backward on the up ramps and forward on the flat ramps. 20 WWII sit-ups at entrance to mine shaft.
  5. Forward bear crawl down first level of mine shaft (two landings). If not able, crab walk down the first two levels (4 landings).
  6. Repeato till 6:05.
  7. AYG back to parking lot.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. YHC was worried I aimed too low with today’s workout but was happily surprised when it turned out much more painful than anticipated.  Already have modifications in mind for next time to dial it up a notch.
  2. Who loved those reverse bear crawls, huh?!?  I guess it was the inverted position, but after the 4th round the ole body gave me the Merlot warning with a full body shiver and a warm burp.  #dangerzone.  Not sure who all pulled off the reverse bear crawl full sweep but it got tougher and tougher as the morning went on.  Feedback on the crab walks was that it was also tough but faster.
  3. T-claps to @Parkour for making his FNG post to El Dorado.  We have not had an easy one yet, so there is no better week to hit than the one you are in….
  4. Virtual trophies handed out to Minnow and Frodo with Chowder & Bootstrap JUST a bit outside.  However, since Minnow is 58/59 yrs/old he is definitely the winner and continues to be the most impressive example of physical fitness in the Pax.
  5. Enjoyed the post workout ParkingLot-a-teria.  Last week had one guy doing a three course recovery breakfast and this week we had three.  @Chowder was heckling us as we enjoyed our breakfast but we think he will lose his appetite for the Hatorade he was drinking (credit to @Bootstrap) and join us for #recoverybuffet next time.  Expect to see him with an F3 branded Tervis including the black lid.
  6. And finally….it was GREAT to see @Skipper in the Pax again.  Welcome home after all the travels brother.  Look forward to knocking out some mileage with you in the upcoming weeks.


11 thoughts on “Beardarado @ El Dorado

  1. The Nanny Post author

    @Pax Another great Monday morning @ El Dorado. Knowing you guys will be out there to give it all you got keeps me motivated to both post and put out.

  2. SSMinnow

    @Nanny…didn’t know what to expect coming in to this one…first time I’ve ever run backwards, and uphill at that! That worked the leg muscles in a new way.
    I always enjoy taking on the El Dorado challenge with all the @PAX there….good workout!

  3. Colonel Mustard

    Instead of spending my lucky number 7 wedding anniversary with my F3 brothers I decided to spend it with the M. Sorry guys. #SnuggleSack

    See you guys this week! Looked like a good Nanny, I mean it took you two months to plan…

  4. LawDawg

    @Nanny…nicely designed workout. The Q’s have continually found new ways of inflicting pain @eldorado. Can’t say I liked it, because it hurt, but it was new and different!

    @bling, @chowder, & @skipper…thanks for the encouragement gents. Always helps even if it’s FEBA sometimes.

  5. Bootstrap

    @The Nanny as I told you on the second trip up…that is the closest I have come to spilling merlot at F3. Oh ya and the whole thing sucked but was well worth the recovery breakfast

    @Frodo how dare you antagonize me with thinking this might be the day I can hang only to see you blow by me on the backwards run #oneday

    @Chowder only one word for you brother #haterade that is for sure what you were drinking in that illegal recovery drink you had

    @SSMinnow #madrespect

  6. Winnebago

    Some days you are the hammer some days you are the nail. El Dorado is the hammer more often then not for me. Started off great even passed @SS Minnow on the first run up the ramps. And that was that, he recovered and passed me then @Chowder and @Skipper. I don’t feel bad they passed me as they are strong runners and competitors but the ease they did it hurt the ole pride. Only consolation was as they disappeared there was no one who could see me stagger around during the Burpees and getting up from the Sit Ups. On the return back to the lot I refused to let @Bootstrap pass me, I don’t think he was aware of this but I’ll pretend I at least held ground 1 time.

    @Chowder I need your Iron supplement recipe it is working well for you and something just doesn’t feel right, feel like I am pushing harder and having worse results as time goes on.

    1. The Nanny Post author

      @Winnebago – I can give you Chowder’s iron supplement recipe. He goes out at night on full moons and drinks the blood of rabbits that he runs to ground.

  7. Skipper

    Great to be back at #El Dorado and nice lead @TheNanny! And by lead I mean Q and 1st place finish.
    Thanks @Winnebago for the push throughout and @Chowda for the encouragement on the home stretch.
    REMEMBER, No #El Dorado next week due to end-of-month Murph! Post at The Murph, unless you hate America, right @Chowder?

  8. Frodo

    Nice lead Nanny. Not sure about anyone else, but I switched to 2 flights of crab walks from bear crawls on my third round. Part of me (ego) wishes I stayed with bear crawls….part of me (teeth) is glad I switched.

    Strong showing by all. Glad to see you post, Parkour. It doesn’t get easier….you just feel sick later in the workout instead of earlier.

  9. Winnebago

    How many beards were actually represented at BEARDarado? I count 2 full ones @Duece and I, Some partial @Law Dawg and @Bootstrap and stubble. @Chowder was sporting a fresh cut I did see.

  10. Pavarotti

    Looked like a good one… miss, especially with so many bear crawls. Way to work, gents. I’ll see ya the next time.

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